Chapter 6.10


6.10.010    Animals and poultry not to run at large.

6.10.020    Custody of animal or poultry found running at large.

6.10.030    Release to Humane Society.

6.10.040    Dogs.

6.10.010 Animals and poultry not to run at large.

Any animal or poultry, with the exception of dogs which are addressed in ETMC 6.10.040, whether domestic or otherwise, that may be found within the Town at any time not in the owner’s, possessor’s, or controller’s premises or under his or her immediate presence and under his or her effective control shall be deemed to be running at large and said person shall be deemed to have permitted such animal or poultry to run at large. (Ord. 2016-4. 2008 code § 9.21(1))

6.10.020 Custody of animal or poultry found running at large.

Any such animal or poultry that is found running at large within the Town in violation of this chapter may immediately be taken into custody by a police officer within the Town and be impounded in any suitable place to be provided by the Town, not to exceed three days. The release of such animal or poultry so impounded shall be conditioned upon the payment of the cost of maintenance of such animal or poultry while so impounded, in addition to payment of any forfeitures and court costs that may be applicable by the party claiming the animal or poultry. (2008 code § 9.21(2))

6.10.030 Release to Humane Society.

Any animal or poultry not so released within three days shall be released to the Humane Society. (2008 code § 9.21(3))

6.10.040 Dogs.

It shall be unlawful for any person owning, possessing or controlling a dog within the Town to permit it to run at large. “Run at large” under this section shall mean the presence of a dog which is not on a secured leash of sufficient strength to control the action of the dog, on any public or private property without the permission of the property owner or occupier. Dogs which are not leashed in vehicles are not deemed to “run at large” if they are secured in a manner as will prevent their escape therefrom. This leash requirement does not apply to dogs utilized for law enforcement purposes, or to dogs engaged in lawful hunting, exhibition or field training on property with permission of the property owner. (Ord. 2016-4. 2008 code § 9.21(4))