Chapter 17.25


17.25.010    General.

17.25.020    Plat data.

17.25.030    Street plans and profiles.

17.25.040    Testing.

17.25.050    Soil and water conservation.

17.25.060    Covenants.

17.25.070    Affidavit.

17.25.010 General.

A preliminary plat shall be required for all subdivisions and shall be based upon a survey by a registered land surveyor and the plat prepared on tracing cloth or paper of good quality at a scale of not more than 100 feet to the inch and shall show correctly on its face the following information:

1.    Title or name under which the proposed subdivision is to be recorded. Such title shall not be the same or similar to a previously approved and recorded plat, unless it is an addition to a previously recorded plat and is so stated on the plat.

2.    Location of proposed subdivision by: government lot, quarter section, township, range, county, and state.

3.    Date, graphic scale, and north arrow.

4.    Names and addresses of the owner, subdivider and land surveyor preparing the plat.

5.    Entire area contiguous to the proposed plat owned or controlled by the subdivider shall be included on the preliminary plat even though only a portion of said area is proposed for immediate development. The Plan Commission may waive this requirement where it is unnecessary to fulfill the purposes and intent of this chapter and undue hardship would result from strict application thereof. (2008 code § 18.05(1))

17.25.020 Plat data.

All preliminary plats shall show the following:

1.    Exact length and bearing of the exterior boundaries of the proposed subdivision referenced to two corners established in the U.S. Public Land Survey and the total acreage encompassed thereby.

2.    Existing and proposed contours at vertical intervals of not more than two feet where the slope of the ground surface is less than 10 percent, and of not more than five feet where the slope of the ground surface is 10 percent or more. Elevations shall be marked on such contours referenced to mean sea level (1929) datum.

3.    Water elevations of all streams, ponds, lakes, flowages, and wetlands within the exterior boundaries of the plat or located within 500 feet therefrom at the date of the survey and approximate high and low water elevations, referenced to mean sea level (1929) datum.

4.    Floodland and shoreland boundaries and the contour line lying a vertical distance of two feet above the elevation of the 100-year recurrence interval flood, or where such data is not available, five feet above the elevation of the maximum flood of record within the exterior boundaries of the plat or within 500 feet therefrom.

5.    Location, right-of-way width and names of all existing streets, alleys or other public ways, easements, railroad and utility rights-of-way and all section and quarter section lines within the exterior boundaries of the plat or immediately adjacent thereto.

6.    Location and names of any adjacent subdivisions, parks, and cemeteries, and owners of record of abutting unplatted lands.

7.    Type, width and elevation of any existing street pavements within the exterior boundaries of the plat or immediately adjacent thereto together with any legally established centerline elevations, referenced to mean sea level datum.

8.    Location, size and invert elevation of any existing sanitary or storm sewers, culverts and drain pipes, the location of manholes, catch basins, hydrants, electric and communication facilities, whether overhead or underground, and the location and size of any existing water and gas mains within the exterior boundaries of the plat or immediately adjacent thereto. If no sewers or water mains are located on or immediately adjacent to the tract, the nearest such sewers or water mains which might be extended to serve the tract shall be indicated by their direction and distance from the plat, and by their size, and invert elevations.

9.    Locations of all existing property boundary lines, structures, drives, streams and watercourses, marshes, rock outcrops, wooded areas, railroad tracks, and other similar significant natural or manmade features within the tract being subdivided or immediately adjacent thereto.

10.    Location, width and names of all proposed streets and public rights-of-way such as alleys and easements.

11.    Approximate dimensions of all lots together with proposed lot and block numbers.

12.    Location, approximate dimensions, and size of any sites to be reserved or dedicated for parks, playgrounds, drainage ways, or other public use or which are to be used for group housing, shopping centers, church sites, or other nonpublic uses not required lotting.

13.    Approximate radii of all curves.

14.    Existing zoning on and adjacent to the proposed subdivision.

15.    Civil boundary lines within the exterior boundary of the tract or immediately adjacent thereto.

16.    Any proposed lake and stream access with a small drawing clearly indicating the location of the proposed subdivision in relation to the access.

17.    Any proposed lake and stream improvement or relocation, and notice of application for approval by the Director of Environmental Protection, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, when applicable.

18.    Soil type, slope and boundaries as shown on the “Walworth County Soil Survey,” 1971, prepared by the U.S. Soil Conservation Service.

19.    Location and results of soil boring tests, where required by Chapter Comm 85 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, made to a depth of six feet, unless bedrock is at a lesser depth. The number of such tests shall be adequate to portray the character of the soil and the depths of bedrock and groundwater from the natural undisturbed surface. To accomplish this purpose, a minimum of one test per three acres shall be made initially. The results of such tests shall be submitted along with the preliminary plat.

20.    Location and results of soil percolation tests where required by Chapter Comm 85 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, taken at the location and depth in which soil absorption waste disposal systems are to be installed. The number of such tests initially made shall not be less than one test per three acres or one test per lot, whichever is greater.

21.    Approval of the preliminary or final plat shall also be conditioned upon compliance with Wis. Stat. § 236.13(1). (Ord. 2010-31 §§ 1, 2, 3. 2008 code § 18.05(2))

17.25.030 Street plans and profiles.

The Town Plan Commission may require that the subdivider provide street plans and profiles showing existing ground surface, proposed and established street grades, including extensions for a reasonable distance beyond the limits of the proposed subdivision when requested. All elevations shall be based upon mean sea level (1929) datum, and plans and profiles shall meet the approval of the review specialist. (2008 code § 18.05(3))

17.25.040 Testing.

1.    The Town Plan Commission, upon recommendation of the review specialist or Walworth County Sanitarian, may require that borings and soundings be made in specified areas to ascertain subsurface soil, rock, and water conditions, including depth to bedrock and depth to ground water table. The Town does not guarantee, warrant, or represent that only those soils tested and shown to be unsuited for specific uses are the only unsuited soils within the Town and thereby asserts that there is no liability on the part of the Town Board of Supervisors, its agencies, or employees for sanitation problems or structural damages that may occur as a result of reliance upon, and conformance with, this chapter.

2.    Where the subdivision will not be served by public sanitary sewer service, the provision of Chapter Comm 85 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code and the location and results of such tests shall be shown on the preliminary plat. The results may be shown in a separate document, if necessary. (2008 code § 18.05(4))

17.25.050 Soil and water conservation.

The Town Plan Commission, upon the recommendation of the Town Engineer, after determining from a review of the preliminary plat that the soil, slope, vegetation, and drainage characteristics of the site are such as to require substantial cutting, clearing, grading and other earthmoving operations in the development of the subdivision or otherwise entail a severe erosion hazard, may require the subdivider to provide soil erosion and sedimentation control plans and specifications. Such plans shall generally follow the requirements set forth in the Walworth County Land Disturbance Erosion Control and Storm Water Management Ordinance, and shall be in accordance with standards set forth in ETMC 17.45.140. (2008 code § 18.05(5))

17.25.060 Covenants.

The Town Plan Commission may require submission of a draft of protective covenants, where a covenant is proposed, whereby the subdivider intends to regulate land use in the proposed subdivision and otherwise protect the proposed development. The covenants shall be subject to review and approval of the Town Attorney as to form. (2008 code § 18.05(6))

17.25.070 Affidavit.

The surveyor preparing the preliminary plat shall certify on the face of the plat that it is a correct representation of all existing land divisions and features and that he has fully complied with the provisions of this chapter. (2008 code § 18.05(7))