Chapter 17.30


17.30.010    General.

17.30.020    Additional information.

17.30.030    Deed restrictions.

17.30.040    Survey accuracy.

17.30.050    Surveying and monumenting.

17.30.060    State plan coordinate system.

17.30.070    Certificates.

17.30.080    Recordation.

17.30.010 General.

A final plat prepared by a registered land surveyor shall be required for all subdivisions. It shall comply in all respects with the requirements of Wis. Stat. § 236.20. (2008 code § 18.06(1))

17.30.020 Additional information.

The plat shall show correctly on its face, in addition to the information required by Wis. Stat. § 236.20, the following:

1.    Exact length and bearing of the centerline of all streets.

2.    Exact street width along the line of any obliquely intersecting street.

3.    Railroad rights-of-way within and abutting the plat.

4.    Setbacks or building lines required by the Town Plan Commission in accordance with ETMC 17.40.070.

5.    Additional building setback lines required by the Town Board or by the County Park and Planning Commission, which are more restrictive than the zoning district in which the plat is located or which are proposed by the subdivider and which are to be included in recorded protective covenants.

6.    Utility and drainage easements.

7.    All lands reserved for future public acquisition or reserved for the common use of property owners within the plat. If property reserved for common use is located within the subdivision, provisions and plans for its use and maintenance shall be submitted with the plat.

8.    Floodland and shoreland boundaries and the contour line lying a vertical distance of two feet above the elevation of the 100-year recurrence interval flood or, where such data is not available, a vertical distance of five feet above the elevation of the maximum flood of record.

9.    Special restrictions required by the Town Plan Commission relating to access control along public ways or to the provision of planting strips, or shorelands or floodlands. (2008 code § 18.06(2))

17.30.030 Deed restrictions.

The Plan Commission may require that deed restrictions be filed with the final plat and shall be recorded with the approved plat. (2008 code § 18.06(3))

17.30.040 Survey accuracy.

The review specialist shall examine all final plats within the Town and may make, or cause to be made by a registered land surveyor under the supervision or direction of the review specialist, field checks for the accuracy and closure of survey, proper kind and location of monuments, and liability and completeness of the drawing. In addition:

1.    Maximum error of closure before adjustment of the survey of the exterior boundaries of the subdivision shall not exceed, in horizontal distance or position, the ratio of one part in 10,000, nor in azimuth, of four seconds of arc per interior angle. If field measurements exceed this maximum, new field measurements shall be made until a satisfactory closure is obtained. When a satisfactory closure of the filed measurements has been obtained, the survey of the exterior boundary shall be adjusted to form a closed geometric figure.

2.    All street, block and lot dimensions shall be computed as closed geometric figures based upon the control provided by the closed exterior boundary survey. If field checks disclose an error for any interior line of the plat greater than the ratio of one part in 5,000, or an error in measured angle greater than one minute of arc for any angle where the shorter side forming the angle is 300 feet or longer, necessary corrections shall be made. Where the shorter side of a measured angle is less than 300 feet in length, the error shall not exceed the value of one minute multiplied by the quotient of 300 divided by the length of the shorter side; however, such error shall not in any case exceed five minutes of arc.

3.    The Town Board shall receive the results of the review specialist’s examination prior to approving the final plat. (2008 code § 18.06(4))

17.30.050 Surveying and monumenting.

All final plats shall meet all surveying and monumenting requirements of Wis. Stat. § 236.15. (2008 code § 18.06(5))

17.30.060 State plan coordinate system.

Where the plat is located within a quarter section, the corners of which have been relocated, monumented and coordinated by the Town of East Troy, Walworth County, or the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, the plat shall be tied directly to two of the section or quarter corners so relocated, monumented and coordinated. The exact grid bearing and distance of such tie shall be determined by field measurements, and the material and Wisconsin State plane coordinates of the monument marking the relocated section of quarter corner to which the plat is tied shall be indicated on the plat. All distances and bearings shall be referenced to the Wisconsin State Plane Coordinate System, South Zone, and adjusted to the Town’s control survey. The grid bearing and distance of the tie shall be determined by a closed survey meeting the error of closure herein specified for the survey of the exterior boundaries of the subdivision. (2008 code § 18.06(6))

17.30.070 Certificates.

All final plats shall provide all the certificates required by Wis. Stat. § 236.21; and, in addition, the surveyor shall certify that he has fully complied with all the provisions of this title. (2008 code § 18.06(7))

17.30.080 Recordation.

The final plat shall be recorded with the Walworth County Register of Deeds only after the certificates required above are placed on the face of the plat. Such recordation shall take place in accordance with Wis. Stat. § 236.25(2)(b). (2008 code § 18.06(8))