Chapter 17.35


17.35.010    General.

17.35.020    Required information.

17.35.030    Additional information.

17.35.040    State plane coordinate system.

17.35.050    Certificates.

17.35.060    Recordation.

17.35.010 General.

A certified survey map prepared by a registered land surveyor shall be required for all minor land divisions. It shall comply in all respects with the requirements of Wis. Stat. § 236.34. The minor land division shall comply with the design standards and improvement requirements set forth in Chapters 17.40 and 17.45 ETMC. (2008 code § 18.07(1))

17.35.020 Required information.

The map shall show correctly on its face, in addition to the information required by Wis. Stat. § 236.34, the following:

1.    All existing structures, watercourses, drainage ditches and other features pertinent to proper division.

2.    Setbacks or building lines if required by the Town Plan Commission in accordance with the guidelines set forth in ETMC 17.40.070.

3.    All lands reserved for future acquisition.

4.    Date of the map.

5.    Graphic scale.

6.    Name and address of the owner, subdivider and surveyor.

7.    Floodplain limits and contour line lying a vertical distance of two feet above the elevation of the 100-year recurrence interval flood, or where such data is not available, five feet above the elevation of the maximum flood of record. (2008 code § 18.07(2))

17.35.030 Additional information.

The Plan Commission may require that the following additional information be provided when necessary for the proper review and consideration of the map:

1.    Existing contours at vertical intervals of not more than two feet where the slope of the ground surface is less than 10 percent, and of not more than five feet where the slopes of the ground surface are 10 percent or more. Elevations shall be marked on such contours based on National Geodetic Vertical Datum (NGVD) of 1929 (mean sea level). The requirement to provide topographic data may be waived if the parcel(s) created are fully developed.

2.    Soil type, slope, and boundaries as shown on the detailed operational soil survey maps prepared by the U.S. Soil Conservation Service.

3.    Location of soil boring tests, where required by Chapter Comm 85 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, made to a minimum depth of six feet or to bedrock, whichever is greater. The number of such tests shall be adequate to portray the character of the soil and depths of bedrock and ground water from the natural undisturbed surface. To accomplish this purpose, a minimum of one test per three acres shall be made initially. The results of such tests shall be submitted along with the certified survey map.

4.    Location of soil analysis tests where required by Chapter Comm 85 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, taken at the location and depth in which soil absorption waste disposal systems are to be installed. The number of such tests initially made shall not be less than one test per three acres or one test per lot, whichever is greater. The results of such tests shall be submitted along with the certified survey map.

5.    The Plan Commission may require that the entire area contiguous to the land outlined in the proposed certified survey owned or controlled by the subdivider be included on the certified survey map even though only a portion of said area is proposed for immediate development. If the Town determines that such a survey is not required, a sketch drawn to scale shall be submitted showing the developer’s entire contiguous holdings. (Ord. 2010-32 § 1. 2008 code § 18.07(3))

17.35.040 State plane coordinate system.

Where the map is located within a U.S. Public Land Survey quarter section, the corners of which have been relocated, monumented and coordinated by the Town of East Troy, Walworth County, or the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, the map shall be tied directly to two of the section or quarter corners so relocated, monumented and coordinated. The exact grid bearing and distance of such tie shall be determined by field measurements, and the material and Wisconsin State plane coordinates of the monument marking the section or quarter corner to which the map is tied shall be indicated on the map. All distances and bearings shall be referenced to the Wisconsin State Plane Coordinate System, South Zone, and adjusted to the Town’s control survey. (2008 code § 18.07(4))

17.35.050 Certificates.

All certified survey maps shall provide all of the certificates required for final plats by Wis. Stat. § 236.21. The Town Board shall certify its approval on the face of the map. In addition, the surveyor shall certify that she/he has fully complied with all of the provisions of this title. (2008 code § 18.07(5))

17.35.060 Recordation.

The certified survey map shall be recorded with the County Register of Deeds only after the certificates of the Town Board, the County Park and Planning Commission, and the surveyor are placed on the face of the map. (2008 code § 18.07(6))