Chapter 7


7.010    Street Names and Numbers

7.020    Rules for Numbering Lots, Tracts and Parcels of Land Fronting and Abutting on Streets

7.030    Duties of Street Commissioner Assigned to City Engineer

7.040    Standard for Determining Elevations – Vertical Datum Defined

7.045    Standard for Determining Horizontal Control

7.050    City Engineer to Prepare Plans and Specifications for Pavement of Streets

7.070    Curb and Gutter and Driveway Work

7.080    Improvement of Street Intersections

7.090    Grade and Construction of Sidewalks

7.092    Curb Ramping

7.100    Offenses

7.110    Regulations of Railroads Operating in the City of Manitowoc – Penalty

7.120    Permit Required for Privileges in Streets

7.125    Location of Mailboxes

7.130    Permit – How Secured

7.140    Restoration of Street Surface

7.150    City Engineer Not to Approve Permit When

7.160    When Permit Not Required

7.170    Warning Signs Required

7.190    Nothing to Extend Over Sidewalk Except on Permit

7.200    Merchandise and Fixtures on Sidewalks

7.210    Snow and Ice on Sidewalks and Roofs

7.220    Sidewalks to Be Kept Safe

7.230    Public to Be Protected – Part Removal of Street or Sidewalk – Rules

7.240    Street Snow Removal and Costs Charged Against Abutting Property

7.250    General Chapter Penalty

7.260    Pedestrian Lanes

7.270    Excavation in Streets, Alleys and Sidewalks

7.275    Assessments for Infrastructure Improvements

7.276    Sewer Assessment Policy

7.280    Street Assessment Policy

7.285    Installment Payment of Special Assessments

7.290    Delayed Assessment Policy

7.300    Furnishing of City Services Outside of the Corporate Boundaries of City

7.310    Petition for Infrastructure Improvements

7.320    Seal Coating

7.330    Assessments for Asphalt Overlays on Macadam Base Streets

7.340    Refusal of Bids

7.350    Air Rights Lease