Chapter 15


15.010    Title and Purpose

15.030    Definitions

15.050    Zoning Districts

15.070    P-1, Conservancy District

15.090    R-1, Residential-Agricultural District

15.110    R-2, Single-Family District

15.130    R-3, Single-Family District

15.150    R-4, Single- and Two-Family District

15.170    R-5, Low Density Multiple-Family District

15.190    R-6, Multiple-Family District

15.210    R-7, Central Residence District

15.230    B-1, Office-Residential District

15.250    B-2, Neighborhood Business District

15.270    B-3, General Business District

15.290    B-4, Central Business District

15.310    C-1, Commercial District

15.330    I-1, Light Industrial District

15.350    I-2, Heavy Industrial District

15.370    Supplementary Regulations – Use

15.390    Supplementary Regulations – Yard, Height, Area, and Setbacks

15.410    Nonconforming Uses, Buildings and Structure Regulations

15.430    Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations

15.450    Sign Ordinance

15.470    Airport Height and Use Limitation Zoning Ordinance

15.490    Floodplain Zoning Ordinance

15.510    Mobile Home Parks, Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes and Recreational Vehicles

15.530    Amendments to Zoning Ordinance

15.550    Zoning Board of Appeals

15.570    Certificates of Occupancy

15.590    Enforcement of Zoning Ordinance

15.610    Validity of Zoning Ordinance

15.630    Violations and Penalties

15.650    Historic Preservation

15.670    Shoreland-Wetland Zoning

15.690    Landscaping and Off-Street Parking Requirements

15.710    Standards for Wireless Telecommunication Facilities

15.730    Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND)

15.750    Planned Unit Development (PUD) District

15.770    Small Wind Energy Systems

An ordinance to regulate the location of residences, businesses, trades, industries, and other urban and suburban uses; to regulate the location of buildings designed for specific uses; to regulate and limit the height and bulk of buildings hereafter erected or altered, to regulate and limit the percentage of lot occupancy; to regulate and determine the area of yards and other open spaces surrounding the buildings; and for said purposes to divide the City into districts; to provide a method of administration; and to prescribe the penalties for the violation of its provisions.