Chapter 19


19.010    Procedure Required for the Passage of an Ordinance

19.020    Construction of Ordinances – Rules for

19.030    Ordinances and the Time of Going into Effect

19.040    Ordinances Reenacted, How Regarded

19.050    Repeal and Nonrepeal of Ordinances and Effect

19.060    Offenses Committed and Penalties Incurred Previous to Repeal

19.070    Prosecutions Pending Not Affected

19.080    Invalidity of Part of Any Ordinance

19.090    General Penalty

19.100    Enforcement of Ordinances – Action – Judgment

    Revisor’s Note: Ordinances relating to 1. Issuance of corporate bonds of the City; 2. Grades and curb and gutter lines in streets; 3. Vacation of streets and alleys; 4. Salaries; 5. Franchises; 6. Lighting of streets, in part; 7. Public works construction; 8. Annexation of territory, in part; 9. Naming of streets, alleys, playgrounds, public grounds and parks; 10. Creation of districts for underground wires, etc.; 11. Sidewalk construction and repair on specified streets; 12. Construction of sewers and water mains, in part; and 13. Pensions are not included in this volume, but are still in full force and effect and on file and of record in the office of the City Clerk. See MMC 19.050(2).