Chapter 2.30


2.30.010    Retention.

2.30.020    Compensation.

2.30.030    Duties.

2.30.010 Retention.

The town board may, pursuant to Wis. Stats. Section 60.37, designate, retain or employ one or more attorneys on a temporary or continuing basis for legal matters or to represent the town in legal proceedings. [Code 2002 § 2-266.]

2.30.020 Compensation.

(a) The town board shall negotiate and establish the compensation of the town attorney in a contract for the designation, retention or employment of an attorney based on a regular salary, per diem rate, retainer, hourly rate or other methods agreed to by the attorney and the town board.

(b) No costs or expenses shall be incurred for the town by the attorney without prior written approval by the town board. [Code 2002 § 2-267.]

2.30.030 Duties.

The attorney has the duties and powers established in Wis. Stats. Section 60.37, plus any other additional powers and duties established pursuant to the retention contract between the town board and the attorney. The appropriate bond shall be filed prior to the town board executing the retention contract. [Code 2002 § 2-268.]