Chapter 2.35


2.35.010    Designated.

2.35.020    Clerk.

2.35.030    Membership.

2.35.010 Designated.

Pursuant to the provisions of Wis. Stats. Section 70.46, the town board of review shall consist of the supervisors of the township, together with the town clerk. [Code 2002 § 46-31.]

2.35.020 Clerk.

The clerk of the town shall perform the duties of clerk of the board of review and shall keep an accurate record of all of the proceedings of the board of review. [Code 2002 § 46-32.]

2.35.030 Membership.

(a) Each of the supervisors and the clerk shall, by virtue of their office, be members of the board of review and, consequently, no further appointment on a regular or irregular basis shall be necessary. Membership on the board of review takes effect upon election to the office of supervisor or clerk of the township. The town chairman is considered a supervisor for purposes of this chapter and is a member of the board of review.

(b) Members of the board of review shall be compensated for their service on such board, exclusive of any other compensation paid by the township for any other duties or services they may perform as supervisor or clerk, at a rate determined by the town board by resolution or, in the absence of such resolution, at a rate as follows: $50.00 per diem for up to seven hours of service on the board of review in a single 24-hour day, beginning at 12:01 a.m. and ending at midnight. If service is provided beyond seven hours, compensation shall be at the rate of $10.00 per hour or fraction thereof beyond seven hours served. Service of less than seven hours shall constitute a day for purposes of entitling the member of the board of review to such $50.00 per diem. No per diem shall be payable for any day when the board of review is not convened. [Ord. dated 8/19/2014 § 1. Code 2002 § 46-33.]