Chapter 2.40


2.40.010    Standing committees.

2.40.020    Appointment of committee members.

2.40.030    Compensation.

2.40.010 Standing committees.

The town shall have the following three standing committees in addition to the board of review created under Chapter 2.35 RMC:

(a) Safety Committee. The safety committee shall include two members of the town board and up to three noncouncil members who live in the community.

(b) Plan Commission. The town plan commission shall be created as set forth in Chapter 2.45 RMC.

(c) Equipment Committee. The equipment committee shall include one board member from the town board, the town roadman and three or more members who are residents of the township. [Ord. dated 8/19/2014 § 1. Code 2002 § 2-61.]

2.40.020 Appointment of committee members.

Any and all members of the committees listed in RMC 2.40.010 will be tasked as necessary by the town board, and will have meetings as tasked. The town board member or senior town board member on the committee will chair the meetings of the committee. The town board shall solicit members for the committee in town notices to join as vacancy occurs. The positions for each citizen member of the committees shall be for a term of not more than three years, with each citizen member term ending in a different year. [Code 2002 § 2-62.]

2.40.030 Compensation.

Compensation for committees and boards of the town shall be determined by the town board by resolution unless otherwise provided in this town code. [Ord. dated 8/19/2014 § 1. Code 2002 § 2-63.]