Chapter 12.15


12.15.010    Repealed.

12.15.020    Repealed.

12.15.030    Repealed.

12.15.040    Maintenance.

12.15.050    Administration.

12.15.060    Repealed.

12.15.070    Effective date.

12.15.010 Uniform numbering system adopted.

Repealed by ord. dated 5/21/2013-2. [Ord. 48, 2003. Code 2002 § 10-161.]

12.15.020 Assignment of numbers.

Repealed by ord. dated 5/21/2013-2. [Ord. 48, 2003. Code 2002 § 10-163.]

12.15.030 Installation/placement.

Repealed by ord. dated 5/21/2013-2. [Ord. 48, 2003. Code 2002 § 10-164.]

12.15.040 Maintenance.

(a) Property owners shall maintain the uniform numbers located on their properties in good and visible condition at all times. No property owner may change the placement location of numbers/posts after installation without the express written consent of the building inspector. Maintenance shall include keeping the uniform numbers clear of organic growth, debris, and other impediments to a direct line of sight from the roadway.

(b) The town shall install replacement uniform numbers for property owners, at that property owner’s expense, in the event of loss or damage to any numbers. [Ord. 48, 2003. Code 2002 § 10-165.]

12.15.050 Administration.

(a) The town clerk, or an outside firm contracted by the town, shall be responsible for maintaining the numbering system.

(b) The town clerk shall keep a record of all numbers assigned under this chapter.

(c) Upon receipt of number notification from the county land use/planning and zoning department, and payment of the $30.00 charge for materials, the building inspector shall instruct the town maintenance employee to erect the new post and sign at the designated location.

(d) The building inspector shall monitor placement and condition of installed signs and posts, and advise the town maintenance employee, when necessary, to replace damaged signs or correct unacceptable sign locations. [Ord. 48, 2003. Code 2002 § 10-166.]

12.15.060 Violation – Penalty.

Repealed by ord. dated 5/21/2013-2. [Ord. 48, 2003. Code 2002 § 10-162.]

12.15.070 Effective date.

The ordinance codified in this chapter shall take effect upon its passage and publication or posting as provided by law. [Ord. 48, 2003. Code 2002 § 10-167.]