Chapter 12.20


12.20.010    Community park designated.

12.20.020    Rules and regulations.

12.20.030    Violation – Penalty.

12.20.010 Community park designated.

The property defined by Lake Lorraine Road on the south, Lorraine Road on the East, Cherry Road on the North and Elder Road on the West shall be named Richmond Community Park and may be used by town property owners and their guests. [Code 2002 § 34-1.]

12.20.020 Rules and regulations.

(a) The following rules and regulations have been set up by the town board for use of the park and must be observed by all persons using the park:

(1) Park hours shall be 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

(2) No motorized vehicles will be allowed in the park, winter or summer.

(3) Children under the age of five years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or person approved by the parent.

(4) Parking shall be in designated areas only.

(b) The rules in this section may be added to or amended at the discretion of the town board. [Code 2002 § 34-2.]

12.20.030 Violation – Penalty.

Any person who violates this chapter shall, upon conviction of each violation, forfeit not less than $5.00 nor more than $500.00 together with the costs of prosecution, and in default of payment of the forfeiture and costs of prosecution, shall be imprisoned in the county jail until such forfeiture and costs are paid but not to exceed 90 days. Each violation and each day a violation continues or occurs shall constitute a separate offense. Nothing in this chapter shall preclude the town from maintaining any appropriate action to prevent or remove a violation of this chapter. In addition, the town may enforce the judgment in the same manner as judgment in an ordinary civil action. [Code 2002 § 34-3.]