Title 8


8.05    Refuse, Garbage and Weeds

8.10    Transportation of Solid Waste or Debris

8.15    Landfill Regulations

8.20    Animal Waste

8.25    Fire Prevention and Protection

8.30    Outdoor Burning

8.35    Fireworks

    For state law as to authority of town to regulate the hauling of refuse, see WS, 1977, 15-1-103. As to powers of town with respect to health, safety and welfare generally, see WS, 1977, 15-1-103. As to animals and fowl, see Chapter 6.05 WMC. As to confiscated or abandoned property, see Chapter 9.10 WMC. As to fire prevention and protection, see Chapter 8.25 WMC. As to public utilities generally, see WMC Title 13. As to streets and sidewalks, see WMC Title 12 and Chapter 17.35 WMC.