Title 1


1.01    Code Adoption

1.04    General Provisions

1.05    City Boundaries

1.08    City Legislation

1.10    Indemnification of Officials and Employees

1.14    Notice of Meetings

1.15    Protection for Whistleblowers

1.16    General Penalty

1.18    Conflicts of Interest, Partiality and Code of Ethics

1.19    Board of Ethics – Complaints


For statutory provisions authorizing councils to determine by ordinance how certain city officers are to be appointed, see AS 20.20.360. For statutory provisions requiring home rule municipalities to codify ordinances, see AS 29.25.050. Chapter 1.12 HCC, Conflict of Interest, repealed and reenacted as Chapter 1.18 HCC, Ord. 08-24(S-2)(A); Ord. 08-31(S), 2008.