Chapter 1.01


1.01.010    Designation and citation of code.

1.01.020    Public copy of code.

Prior legislation: Ord. 80-3; Code 1967 § 1-100.1.

1.01.010 Designation and citation of code.

The ordinances included in the following titles, chapters, articles, and sections constitute and are designated as the “Code of Ordinances, City of Homer, Alaska,” and may be so cited. This code may also be cited as the “Homer City Code” or “HCC.” [Ord. 92-24 § 1, 1992; Ord. 82-2 § 1, 1982].

1.01.020 Public copy of code.

a. A copy of this code shall be kept on file in the office of the City Clerk. The City Clerk, or the Clerk’s designee, shall insert in their designated places all amendments or ordinances that indicate the intention of the City Council to make the same a part of such code, and to extract from such code all provisions that may be from time to time repealed by the City Council. This copy of such code shall be available at the office of the City Clerk for all persons desiring to examine the same during regular business hours.

b. Copies of this code and supplements thereto shall be made available for sale to the public at a price to be determined by the City Council. [Ord. 92-24 § 3, 1992; Ord. 82-2 § 4, 1982].


For statutory provisions requiring home rule municipalities to codify ordinances, see AS 29.25.050.