Chapter 2.12


2.12.010    Duties.

2.12.010 Duties.

The office of City Clerk shall be appointed by the City Manager and confirmed by the City Council as provided by Alaska State law. The person holding the office of City Clerk shall:

a. Give notice of the time and place of meetings to the Council and to the public;

b. Attend meetings and keep the journal or other records thereof;

c. Arrange publication of notices, ordinances and resolutions;

d. Maintain and make available for public inspection an indexed file including municipal ordinances, resolutions, rules, regulations and codes;

e. Attest deeds and other documents;

f. Act as Election Supervisor and administer all City elections in accordance with HCC Title 4 and applicable State and Federal laws;

g. Perform other duties as specified in this title or elsewhere in the Municipal Code and all applicable provisions of the Alaska Statutes;

h. At all times cooperate with the City Manager and provide such information and perform such duties as are requested by the City Manager so long as they are not inconsistent with the duties of the office of City Clerk as otherwise provided in municipal, State and Federal law;

i. The job functions and major activities of the Clerk’s office as set forth in the job description are incorporated by this reference as though fully set forth in this section. [Ord. 85-24 § 1, 1985. Code 1981 § 1.30.010].