Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Duties.

Prior legislation: Ord. 1-100.4.

2.16.010 Duties.

The City Attorney shall act as legal advisor to and be attorney and counsel for the Council and shall be solely responsible to the City Council. His duties and responsibilities shall be as follows:

a. He shall advise any officer or department head of the City in matters relating to his official duties when so requested and shall file with the City Clerk a copy of all written opinions given by him;

b. He shall prosecute such ordinance violations and shall conduct for the City such cases in court and before other legally constituted tribunals as the Council may request. He shall file with the Clerk copies of such records and files relating thereto as the Council may direct;

c. He shall prepare or review ordinances, contracts, bonds and other written instruments which are submitted to him and shall promptly give his opinion as to the legality thereof;

d. He shall call to the attention of the Council and the City Manager all matters of law, and changes or developments therein, affecting the City;

e. He shall at all times cooperate with the City Manager and shall provide such information and reports and perform such duties as are requested by the City Manager so long as they are not inconsistent with the duties of his office as provided in this section. [Code 1967 § 3-500.1; Code 1981 § 1.32.010].


For statutory provisions setting forth the duties of the city attorney, see AS 29.20.370.