Chapter 5.28


5.28.010    Discharge of firearms prohibited.

5.28.020    Exception.

5.28.030    Penalty.

5.28.040    Definitions.

Prior legislation: Ord. 71-8.

5.28.010 Discharge of firearms prohibited.

No person shall discharge a firearm within the corporate limits of the City. [Ord. 80-6 § 3, 1980. Code 1967 § 10-100.1].

5.28.020 Exception.

The prohibition of discharge of firearms shall not apply to a law officer in the performance of his duty, or to the use of target ranges authorized by the Chief of Police, or protection of life or property. [Ord. 80-6 § 3, 1980. Code 1967 § 10-100.2].

5.28.030 Penalty.

The violation of any provision contained in this chapter shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $300.00 and/or confiscation of the violator’s firearm(s) upon order of the Court. [Ord. 80-6 § 3, 1980. Code 1967 § 10-100.3].

5.28.040 Definitions.

“Firearm” means a weapon, including a pistol, revolver, rifle or shotgun, either loaded or unloaded, operable or inoperable, designed for discharging a shot capable of causing death or serious injury. [Ord. 03-47, 2003].


For statutory provisions authorizing municipalities to provide for the general safety, see AS 29.35.210.