Chapter 5.30


5.30.010    Definitions.

5.30.020    Hunting prohibited.

5.30.025    Trapping prohibited.

5.30.030    Exceptions.

5.30.040    Penalty.

5.30.010 Definitions.

In this chapter, unless the context requires otherwise:

“Game” means any species of bird and mammal, including a feral mammal, but excluding domestic birds and mammals.

“Hunting” means the stalking or other pursuit of game with the intention of capturing and/or killing same, with or without the use of bow and arrow or any other means, exclusive of firearms.

“Problem animal” means animals causing damage or creating the potential to cause damage to public health and safety, infrastructure, or private property.

“Take or taking” means taking, pursuing, hunting, trapping, or in any manner disturbing, capturing, or killing or attempting to take, pursue, hunt, trap, or in any manner capture or kill game.

“Trapping” means the taking of any bird or animal. [Ord. 05-09(A) § 1, 2005; Ord. 83-22 § 1, 1983].

5.30.020 Hunting prohibited.

Hunting game within the boundaries of the City of Homer with bow and arrow or by any other means is prohibited. [Ord. 83-22 § 1, 1983].

5.30.025 Trapping prohibited.

Trapping within the boundaries of the City of Homer using traps or any other method of taking defined herein or by State law as trapping is prohibited. [Ord. 05-09(A) § 1, 2005].

5.30.030 Exceptions.

a. This chapter does not apply to the capture and disposal of game by authorized law enforcement of fish and game protection personnel, or to the protection of life or property.

b. HCC 5.30.025, Trapping prohibited, does not apply to Animal Control Officers, Department of Fish and Game staff, members of the City Police Department, and City employees designated by the Chief of Police if they are trapping problem animals; provided, that the trapping is performed in accordance with State law. [Amended by City in August 2017; Ord. 05-09(A) § 1, 2005; Ord. 83-22 § 1, 1983].

5.30.040 Penalty.

The violation of any provision contained in this chapter shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $300.00 and/or confiscation of any game killed by the violator. [Ord. 83-22 § 1, 1983].