Chapter 7.28


7.28.010    Scope.

7.28.020    Motor vehicle parking.

7.28.030    Short-term parking area.

7.28.040    Limited long-term parking area.

7.28.050    Reserved parking.

7.28.060    Citation.

7.28.070    Impound – Procedure.

7.28.080    Service vehicles.

7.28.090    Definitions.

7.28.010 Scope.

This chapter applies to Homer Airport Terminal property. City Code provisions of general applicability shall also apply to Homer Airport Terminal property, except to the extent they are inconsistent with this chapter. [Ord. 94-9(A), 1994].

7.28.020 Motor vehicle parking.

a. No person shall park a motor vehicle on the airport apron without permission of the airport terminal manager or his designee.

b. No person shall stop or park a motor vehicle in an area designed for moving traffic, except in the areas marked for “Loading and Unloading Only.” Stopping or parking in any loading and unloading only area shall be limited to such periods of time as are designated and posted by the airport terminal manager. No vehicle shall be left unoccupied or unattended in a loading and unloading area. [Ord. 94-9(A), 1994].

7.28.030 Short-term parking area.

The airport terminal manager shall designate an area or areas for short-term vehicle parking. Parking is permitted in this area for a period limited to 24 hours. [Ord. 94-9(A), 1994].

7.28.040 Limited long-term parking area.

a. The airport terminal manager shall designate an area or areas for long-term vehicle parking. Parking is permitted in those areas only on those conditions posted at the designated entrances and within said parking areas. No vehicle or property shall be left in the long-term parking areas for a period greater than 30 continuous days, or as posted, whichever is shorter.

b. The airport terminal manager, with approval of the City Council, may establish a pay parking system in the long-term vehicle parking areas. Fees will be established by resolution of the City Council. [Ord. 94-9(A), 1994].

7.28.050 Reserved parking.

Reserved parking areas so identified and marked by appropriate signs, as may be established by the airport terminal manager, are reserved and not available for general public parking. No unauthorized person shall park a vehicle in a reserved parking area. [Ord. 94-9(A), 1994].

7.28.060 Citation.

A police officer may issue a citation for a vehicle parked, stopped or standing in violation of this chapter, and deliver it to the operator of the vehicle or affix it to the vehicle if the vehicle is unattended at the time of issuance. [Ord. 13-40 § 12, 2013; Ord. 94-9(A), 1994].

7.28.070 Impound – Procedure.

a. Any vehicle stopped, standing, or parked in violation of this chapter or other law or regulation of general applicability is subject to immediate impound and removal according to the procedure set forth in HCC 7.10.060 through 7.10.090. The owner of record of an impounded vehicle is responsible for all costs incurred in impounding, removing, and storing the vehicle.

b. This chapter may be enforced, and impound authorization may be issued, by the airport terminal manager, police officers, and peace officers designated in accordance with Chapter 18.40 HCC.

c. An impound under this chapter may also be accomplished by the use of a “boot” or other securing device in lieu of towing. Parking fees will continue to accrue at the regular rate on “booted” vehicles. In addition to parking fees, a fee for release of “booted” vehicles will be determined by resolution of the City Council. [Ord. 94-9(A), 1994].

7.28.080 Service vehicles.

a. The airport terminal manager shall designate an area for parking of service vehicles. Parking of service vehicles is permitted only in those areas.

b. All fuel trucks or tenders shall be positively grounded during all times they are being used to service aircraft. [Ord. 94-9(A), 1994].

7.28.090 Definitions.

As used in this chapter the following words and phrases shall be construed as defined in this section:

“Airport apron” means any paved area where aircraft could operate on the runway side of the airport terminal building.

“Service vehicle” means a vehicle being used in the delivery of goods or services to the airport terminal in furtherance of terminal operations. [Ord. 94-9(A), 1994].