Chapter 13.16


13.16.010    Applicability.

13.16.020    Plan and specification review.

13.16.030    Materials.

13.16.040    Temperatures.

13.16.050    Form removal.

13.16.060    Right-of-way restoration.

13.16.070    As-built data.

13.16.080    Inspection.

13.16.010 Applicability.

This chapter is limited to concrete construction work in general. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 30.1.1, 1985].

13.16.020 Plan and specification review.

Plans and specifications shall be reviewed and approved by the Public Works Inspector. Specifications shall include cement specifications and type, reinforcing steel and/or welded steel wire fabric, aggregate, mix and other related design criteria. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 30.1.1(b), 1985].

13.16.030 Materials.

a. The cement shall be a recognized standard brand of Portland cement conforming to ASTM standards.

b. When no type of cement is specified, the requirements of ASTM standard specification C-150, Type 1 shall govern.

c. Reinforcing materials shall conform to ASTM A-615 and ASTM A-185 standard specifications and shall be weldable per standard specification AWS D12.1 (American Welding Standards).

d. Water used for the mixing of concrete shall be clean and free of oil or acid, and shall not contain salt, alkali or vegetable matter.

e. Aggregates for Portland cement concrete shall be graded and clean conforming to AASHTO standard specifications M-80, M-6, and C-330.

f. Ready-mix concrete shall conform to standard specifications AASHTO M-157, ASTM C-90 and ASTM C-94 as applicable per plans and specifications. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 30.1.1(a, c – g), 1985].

13.16.040 Temperatures.

a. Cast no concrete when ambient temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, or can be expected to fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the next 24 hours, unless approved special provisions have been made for maintaining heat around pour.

b. Do not place concrete during rain, sleet, or snow unless protection is provided. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 30.1.1(h, i), 1985].

13.16.050 Form removal.

When all concrete work has been completed and cured, the contractor shall remove the forms, stakes, blocking, and concrete spoil from the site. The area adjoining the concrete that was excavated to permit the construction and placement of forms shall be filled with select material, and the slopes and parking areas, if any, shall be filled, shaped, and smoothed to the level and original conditions. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 30.1.1(j), 1985].

13.16.060 Right-of-way restoration.

The public rights-of-way must be restored to their original condition before work is accepted. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 30.1.1(k), 1985].

13.16.070 As-built data.

No work will be accepted without copies of the required as-built plans, specifications, records and test data. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 30.1.1(1), 1985].

13.16.080 Inspection.

All work shall be inspected by the Public Works Inspector before acceptance. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 30.1.1(m), 1985].