Chapter 13.20


13.20.010    Applicability.

13.20.020    Materials and procedure.

13.20.030    Right-of-way restoration.

13.20.040    As-built data.

13.20.010 Applicability.

This chapter is limited to construction work on or adjoining an existing paved road. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 40.1.1, 1985].

13.20.020 Materials and procedure.

The pavement, asphalt concrete, shall be matched, replaced or patched to as good or better quality and conditions. The following concerns must be considered:

a. Proposed composition/mixture shall be reviewed and approved by the Public Works Inspector.

b. The contractor shall use controlled spreading and compaction equipment.

c. Pavement restoration must be done by a contractor with proven paving experience and proper equipment if in the opinion of the Public Works Inspector the situation warrants.

d. Weather limitations must be considered (reference: Department of Transportation Standard Specification Section 401-3.01):

1. Apply on dry surface only.

2. Air temperature must be above 40 degrees Fahrenheit as measured in the shade. Open graded asphalt mixtures shall not be placed unless the air temperature is over 60 degrees Fahrenheit. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 40.1.1(a), 1985].

13.20.030 Right-of-way restoration.

The public rights-of-way must be restored to their original condition before work is accepted. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 40.1.1(b), 1985].

13.20.040 As-built data.

No work will be accepted without copies of the required as-built plans, specifications, records and test data. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 40.1.1(c), 1985].