Chapter 13.32


13.32.010    Applicability.

13.32.020    Standard code conformance.

13.32.030    Licensed contractor required.

13.32.040    Plan and specification review.

13.32.050    Right-of-way restoration.

13.32.060    As-built data.

13.32.070    Inspection.

13.32.010 Applicability.

This chapter covers certain requirements, materials, processes, procedures, and practices not covered in other specific chapters of this title. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 70.1.1, 1985].

13.32.020 Standard code conformance.

All electrical work and materials or components used must be in accordance with State-approved Uniform Building, Uniform Fire/Safety Codes, and National Electrical Safety Codes. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 70.1.2(a), 1985].

13.32.030 Licensed contractor required.

All electrical work performed within the public rights-of-way must be performed by a State-licensed electrical contractor. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 70.1.2(b), 1985].

13.32.040 Plan and specification review.

Plans and specifications shall be reviewed and approved by the Public Works Inspector. Plans shall include extent of construction, exact location using map, plat or as-built, and other related design criteria. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 70.1.2(c), 1985].

13.32.050 Right-of-way restoration.

The public rights-of-way must be restored to their original condition. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 70.1.2(d), 1985].

13.32.060 As-built data.

No work will be accepted without copies of the required as-built plans, specifications, records, and test data. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 70.1.2(e), 1985].

13.32.070 Inspection.

All work must be inspected by the Public Works Inspector before acceptance. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 70.1.2(f), 1985].