Chapter 13.36


13.36.010    Applicability.

13.36.020    Generally.

13.36.030    Material.

13.36.040    Application.

13.36.050    Maintenance.

13.36.060    Inspection.

13.36.010 Applicability.

This chapter covers certain requirements, materials, processes, procedures, and practices not covered in other specific chapters of this title. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 70.1.1, 1985].

13.36.020 Generally.

This work shall consist of preparing the ground, followed by application of seed, fertilizer, lime, if required, and mulch material, all in reasonably close conformity with specifications and at locations shown on the plans or established by the Engineer or by the Public Works Inspector. It is the intent of this specification that a living vegetative cover will be provided which will blend well with the surrounding vegetation. All seeded areas shall be maintained until continued growth is assured. The seeding will be covered under the one-year warranty. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 70.1.3(a), 1985].

13.36.030 Material.

A hardy grass seed mix comparable with the local area as approved by the local authority of the United States Department of Agriculture shall be used. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 70.1.3(b), 1985].

13.36.040 Application.

a. Both hydraulic and dry methods may be used.

b. Hard broadcasting may be substituted; provided, that the rate of application for both seed and nutrient is twice that of dry mechanical methods, and that the end result required is attained. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 70.1.3(c), 1985].

13.36.050 Maintenance.

a. The contractor shall protect seeded areas against traffic by warning signs or barricades, as approved by the Public Works Inspector. Surfaces gullied or otherwise damaged following seeding shall be repaired by regrading, reseeding, and remulching, as directed. The contractor shall otherwise maintain seeded areas appropriately until the end of the warranty period.

b. The seeded areas shall be watered by the contractor as required for proper germination and growth. Equipment used in watering shall be capable of reaching all seeded areas from the traveled way.

c. No extra compensation will be paid to the contractor for work incurred under maintenance of seeded areas by the City. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 70.1.3(d), 1985].

13.36.060 Inspection.

a. Final inspection to determine final acceptance of the grass shall be made one year after the seeding.

b. Conditions governing final acceptance by the Inspector are that a healthy and uniform stand of grass be achieved, blending well with the surrounding vegetation and showing no signs of chloritic condition. [Ord. 85-25(A) Art. 70.1.3(e), 1985].