Chapter 2.31


2.31.010    Established. Revised 7/18

2.31.020    Meetings, procedures and officers. Revised 7/18

2.31.030    Powers and duties.

2.31.010 Established. Revised 7/18

A. The Utqiaġvik blue ribbon commission is established as a commission by authority of AS 29.20.320.

B. The purpose of the blue ribbon commission shall be to advise the city council and the mayor about actions that the city can lawfully take, within available economic and fiscal resources and the powers entrusted to the city, to address and counteract drug and alcohol abuse in Utqiaġvik. (Ord. 02-2017 §2(part); Ord. 2005-08 §3(part))

2.31.020 Meetings, procedures and officers. Revised 7/18

A. The commission shall determine the time and place of its regular meetings. All commission meetings shall be open to the public and in compliance with all public notice requirements of the city of Utqiaġvik Code of Ordinances and the Alaska Statutes.

B. Subject to availability of resources, the commission may use office space and conduct its meetings at the city offices, and be provided with staff support under the direction of the mayor.

C. The commission shall consist of seven members of the community who shall be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council. When appointing members of the commission, the mayor should seek recommendations from the mayor of North Slope Borough regarding who he or she should appoint to the commission. The mayor shall also elect two members of the commission to serve as co-chairs. The mayor shall direct city personnel to attend all commission meetings and city personnel shall prepare minutes regarding the commission’s proceedings. Minutes and records shall be filed with the office of the city clerk and retained as public records.

D. A majority of the total membership of the commission constitutes a quorum. Any act of the commission requires a majority affirmative vote of the citizen members of the commission. Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order. The commission may divide itself into subcommittees to consider various issues and report back to the commission with recommendations for action. The subcommittees may request that additional members of the community participate in subcommittee discussions and deliberations. However, all final actions of the commission with respect to recommendations for action to the city council and mayor, or with respect to any other actions, must be taken by the full commission in accordance with this section. (Ord. 02-2017 §2(part); Ord. 2008-17 §2; Ord. 2005-08 §3(part))

2.31.030 Powers and duties.

The commission shall:

A. Hold public meetings to collect recommendations and concerns from the community regarding drug and alcohol issues;

B. Create subcommittees and appoint facilitators of those committees to report to the commission on specific areas within the scope of drug and alcohol abuse;

C. Develop policies and regulations addressing alcohol and drug abuse to be proposed to the council;

D. Create resources and develop and promote programs and activities to further the commission’s goals;

E. Work cooperatively with the North Slope Borough, tribal organizations and all other community organizations and citizens who express an interest in working with the commission to develop its recommendations;

F. Prepare and present to the mayor and the city council an annual report describing the activities of the commission during the preceding year and the activities planned by the commission for the following year. (Ord. 2005-08 §3(part))