Appendix 7
List of Major Arterial Streets


7.010    Purpose

7.010 Purpose

This list of major arterial streets in the City of Flagstaff has been compiled from maps in the Flagstaff Regional Map. The list may be used to identify major arterial streets, and therefore, where Type A freestanding signs as established in Section 10-50.100.060(E)(4)(b)(7) may be located. Type B freestanding signs are permitted on all other street classifications within the City.

A List of Major Arterial Streets in the City of Flagstaff

Major Arterial Name


Business 40 (Commonly referred to as Route 66 or Santa Fe Avenue)

From the intersection with Milton Road at City Hall to the E. Route 66 intersection.

U.S. Highway 89

From the intersection with Country Club Drive north to the City limits.

U.S. Highway 89A

From the southern City limits to the intersection of South Park Road and John Wesley Powell Boulevard.


Milton Road from Interstate 40 to the East Route 66 intersection at City Hall.

U.S. Highway 180

North Humphreys Street and Fort Valley Road to the northern City limits.


South Country Club Drive between Interstate 40 and East Route 66

(Ord. 2016-07, Amended, 2/16/2016 (Res. 2016-02); Ord. 2014-27, Added, 11/18/2014 (Res. 2014-35). Formerly Appendix 8.)