Purpose and Intent


11-20.20.010    Purpose and Intent

11-20.20.010 Purpose and Intent

A.    The purpose of the City of Flagstaff Subdivision and Land Split Regulations is to facilitate orderly growth and harmonious development, and to protect and promote public health, safety and welfare. These Subdivision Regulations reflect policies developed by the City in its General Plan to help regulate the need for expanded public services, including transportation, education, water, sewer, and other utilities that is influenced by the sale of subdivided land. The preservation of the features that make Flagstaff a beautiful place to live, such as steep slopes, pine forests, and floodplains is also a priority. More specifically, these regulations are intended to achieve the following objectives:

1.    To accommodate the demand for a variety of housing, including affordable housing, while recognizing the right of all citizens to a safe community without the hazards of flooding, erosion, contamination, and other blight;

2.    To insure safe and efficient traffic circulation through coordinated street systems with major thoroughfares, adjoining subdivisions, and public facilities;

3.    To provide lots and parcels of sufficient size and appropriate design for the purposes for which they will be used;

4.    To secure adequate provisions for water supply, stormwater drainage, sewage disposal, and other utilities and facilities;

5.    To provide adequate sites for schools, recreation areas, and other public facilities;

6.    To provide logical procedures to facilitate the conveyance of land by accurate legal description, and to establish and assure the rights, duties and responsibilities of subdividers and developers with respect to land development

7.    To assure future buyers of land that the subdivider owns the land proposed to be sold, provides access to each property, and constructs and provides for maintenance of improvements, utilities, and amenities;

8.    To apportion the costs of public services and facilities serving subdivision residents through the payment of fees, provision of facilities, and dedication of land and rights-of-way to the City in order to ensure that new development pays its way and does not burden the City’s fiscal resources;

9.    To obtain accurate surveying and permanent public record of the separate interests created and conveyed by subdivision.

B.    These Subdivision Regulations are intended to provide a common ground of understanding and an equitable working relationship between public and private interests, so that both independent and mutual objectives can be achieved in the subdivision of land.