11-20.30.010    General Applicability

11-20.30.020    Related Statutes

11-20.30.030    Reservation of Public Land

11-20.30.010 General Applicability

A.    The City shall not approve a final plat of a subdivision or land split unless it conforms to the provisions of this Chapter.

B.    No person shall sell or commence any development or construction upon any portion of a proposed subdivision until a final plat has been recorded.

C.    No person shall sell or commence any development or construction upon any portion of a proposed land split until a land split map has been recorded.

D.    The provisions of this Chapter apply to all subdivisions (including a modified subdivision process), land splits, and boundary adjustments as further described below, except for the following:

1.    The sale or exchange of parcels of land to or between adjoining property owners if such sale or exchange does not create additional lots;

2.    The partitioning of land in accordance with other statutes regulating the partitioning of land held in common ownership;

3.    The leasing of apartments, offices, stores, or similar space within a building or trailer park; or to

4.    The leasing of mineral, oil, or gas rights.

E.    As used within this Chapter, subdivision, modified subdivision process, land split, and boundary adjustment are described as follows (specific definitions of these terms are provided in Chapter 11-30, Definitions:

1.    Subdivision:

a.    A subdivision is the division of improved or unimproved land into either:

(1)    Four or more lots, tracts or parcels of land;

(2)    Two or more lots, tracts or parcels of land, if a new street is involved; or

(3)    Three or more lots, tracts or parcels, the boundaries of which have been fixed by a recorded plat.

b.    Subdivision applications are required to adhere to a comprehensive multi-step review process that includes submission of a conceptual plat for review and approval by the Director and City Engineer; submission of a preliminary plat for review by the Director and City Engineer before it is reviewed and recommended for approval by the Planning Commission; review and approval by the City Council of a preliminary plat; and submission of public improvement plans and a final plat for review and recommendation of the Director and City Engineer prior to approval of a final plat by the City Council for the proposed subdivision.

2.    Modified Subdivision Process: The modified subdivision process applies to subdivisions where a maximum of four lots is proposed to be created.

3.    Land Split:

a.    A land split is the division of improved or unimproved land whose area is 2.5 acres or less into either:

(1)    No more than two lots, tracts, or parcels, the boundaries of which have been fixed by a recorded plat; or,

(2)    Two or three lots, tracts, or parcels located within unsubdivided lands.

b.    A land split application is reviewed and approved by the Director. A concept plan of the proposed land split may be submitted to the Director for review prior to submittal of a final legal description and land split map.

4.    Boundary Adjustment: When the lot line between two adjoining parcels requires adjustment, a boundary adjustment following the procedure for a land split application is followed.

11-20.30.020 Related Statutes

The subdivision of land in the City of Flagstaff is subject to the requirements and procedures of Arizona and federal law. Specifically related statutes include A.R.S. Title 9; Article 6.2 concerning municipal subdivision regulations; Title 32 concerning the sale of lands; and, Title 33 concerning condominiums.

11-20.30.030 Reservation of Public Land

A.    Land areas within a subdivision may be reserved for parks, recreational facilities, school sites and other public facilities including fire stations, open space lands and open areas, and flood control facilities, subject to the following conditions:

1.    The requirements may only be made upon preliminary plats filed at least 30 days after adoption of a General Plan or Specific Plan affecting the land area to be reserved;

2.    The required reservations must be in accordance with the General Plan, the Flagstaff Urban Trails Plan, and adopted specific plans and other goals, objectives, and standards adopted by the City Council;

3.    The land reserved shall be sized and shaped to permit non-reserved land area of the subdivision to develop in an orderly and efficient manner; and,

4.    The land area reserved shall be suitable for the intended use and shall be planned in such a manner to permit an efficient division of the reserved area in case it is not acquired within the prescribed period.

B.    The City Council shall have a period of one year after recording the final subdivision plat to enter into an agreement to acquire such reserved land area. The purchase price shall be the fair market value of the land at the time of the filing of the preliminary subdivision plat plus the taxes against such reserved area from the date of the reservation, and any other costs incurred by the subdivider in the maintenance of such reserved area, including interest costs incurred on any loan covering such reserved area.

C.    If the City does not exercise the reservation agreement set forth above within the one-year period or such extended period as may be mutually agreed upon by the City Council and the subdivider, the reservation of such area shall terminate.