Subdivision Procedures and Requirements


11-20.40.010    Subdivision Procedures and Requirements

11-20.40.020    Pre-Application Conference

11-20.40.010 Subdivision Procedures and Requirements

The preparation, submittal, review, and approval of all subdivisions located within the City limits shall proceed through the following progressive stages, except as otherwise provided in this Chapter:

A.    Pre-application Conference (Refer to Section 11-20.40.020);

B.    Conceptual Plats (Refer to Division 11-20.50);

C.    Preliminary Plats (Refer to Division 11-20.70); and,

D.    Final Plats (Refer to Division 11-20.80).

11-20.40.020 Pre –Application Conference

The subdivider and the subdivider’s engineer shall initially present their proposal and meet with the Director and City Engineer on an informal basis at a pre-application conference. The subdivider shall present to these individuals a general outline of the subdivision proposal which shall include sketch plans and ideas regarding land use, street, and lot arrangement; lot sizes; and conceptual proposals regarding water supply, sewage disposal, grading and drainage, traffic impacts, and street improvements. The Director and the City Engineer shall advise the subdivider of specific public objectives, standards, and regulations related to the subject property, details and suggestions regarding subdivision design and improvement standards, general platting procedures and requirements, and the determination of a need for a development master plan (Division 11-10.80, Development Master Plan).