Conceptual Plat


11-20.50.010    Conceptual Plat Review

11-20.50.020    Conceptual Plat Submittal

11-20.50.010 Conceptual Plat Review

A.    Before beginning the formal preliminary plat submittal and review process, a conceptual plat review meeting shall be scheduled with the Director. The purpose of this meeting is to provide an opportunity for the applicant to hear any concerns, comments, or requests for additional information from the Director and other City Staff as applicable.

B.    The subdivider shall submit the required number of copies of the conceptual plat together with a completed application to the Director in accordance with the submittal deadlines established by the Director. Applications are available from the Planning Section.

C.    The Director and City Engineer shall meet with the subdivider and/or the subdivider’s representative(s) to review, discuss, and consider the conceptual plat in regards to specific public objectives and adopted standards and regulations. The Director and Chief Engineer shall approve or disapprove the conceptual plat pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter. Following approval by the Director and Chief Engineer, the subdivider shall proceed with the preparation and submittal of the preliminary plat application and/or Development Master Plan in accordance with the procedures and requirements specified in Divisions 11-20.60 and 11-20.80, respectively.

11-20.50.020 Conceptual Plat Submittal

A.    The subdivider or an authorized representative shall submit the following materials to the Director in accordance with the review schedule on file with the Planning Section:

1.    The required number of copies of the conceptual plat application as specified in the handout available from the Planning Section;

2.    A completed Conceptual Plat application form. If the subdivider is not the current landowner of all of the subject real property, a signed statement or application shall also be filed attesting that the owner grants to the subdivider authority to represent the owner in this matter. The required number of copies of the preliminary title report as specified in the handout available from the Planning Section shall be filed with the application;

3.    A non-refundable conceptual plat filing fee. (See Title 10, Zoning Code, Appendix 2, Planning Fee Schedule);

4.    The legal description of the subject property;

5.    The names of the developer and the engineering and/or surveying firm;

6.    A topographic map for the subject property and the land within 200 feet of the subject property with a minimum two-foot contour, or such other interval as approved by the Director;

7.    A slope analysis with sufficient data to allow independent verification of the slope analysis. The slope analysis shall indicate by area the following slope categories:

a.    0 - less than 17%;

b.    17 - less than 24.9%;

c.    Greater than 25% - 34.9%; and,

d.    Greater than 35%.

8.    A preliminary Natural Resources Protection Plan showing floodplains and forest resource locations, as applicable;

9.    A plan identifying all existing structures (including known heritage resources) on the property to be subdivided and within 200 feet of the subject property, and the conceptual location of proposed structures;

10.    A map showing generalized land uses in the vicinity of the site;

11.    A vicinity map, and, if applicable, a map showing the portion to be subdivided in relation to the entire subject property;

12.    Locations of all existing streets, utilities, rights-of-way, easements, structures, streams, floodplains, and other significant physical features within the portion to be subdivided and within 200 feet of the subject property;

13.    A concept plat showing the proposed configuration, size in acres, number of residential units and/or lots, the area in square feet of proposed nonresidential buildings, and the underlying zoning categories for each use. This information should also be included in a summary table on the plat;

14.    The conceptual plat shall be submitted at a scale of not more than 1 inch = 100 feet. Conceptual plat plan sheets shall not exceed 24 inches by 36 inches in overall dimensions and shall have a left margin of two inches;

15.    The conceptual plat shall include the following information regarding the proposed subdivision and surrounding land areas:

a.    Proposed land uses;

b.    Primary access and interior circulation proposals, including vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian ways;

c.    Tentative proposals regarding solid and sewer waste disposal, storm sewer, and electric and gas utility services shall be indicated on the plat or in a companion document;

d.    Generalized land uses in the vicinity of the site;

e.    Tentative scoping of traffic impacts;

f.    Preservation of special scenic locations and view corridors;

g.    Proposed open space and trails with connectivity to adjoining areas

16.    Such other information requested by the Director relevant to the factors covered by provisions of this Chapter.