Development Masterplans


11-20.80.010    In General

11-20.80.010 In General

A Development Master Plan is a comprehensive preliminary master plan for the development of a large or complicated land area, which may be developed in progressive steps or as a planned development.

A.    A development master plan is required as a condition precedent to the review and approval of a preliminary plat or for a Zoning Map amendment request (See Division 10-20.50, Amendments to the Zoning Code Text and the Zoning Map) when:

1.    The subject property(ies) is proposed to be developed in stages, phases or units; or,

2.    The subject property(ies) proposed for development is part of a larger land area that has unusual topographic, utility, land use, or other conditions. The larger land area may or may not be under the subdivider’s control; or,

3.    A Planned Residential Development (Refer to City Code Title 10, Zoning Code, Section 10-40.60.250 (Planned Residential Development) is proposed; or,

4.    The subject property(ies) initially proposed for platting is only a portion of a larger land holding of the subdivider; or,

5.    The subject property(ies) is located within two or more zoning districts.

B.    The Development Master Plan shall be prepared to scale and accuracy commensurate with its purpose, and shall include the following items:

1.    General street pattern with particular attention to collector streets and future circulation throughout the larger land area, and proposed traffic impacts and access plan;

2.    General location and size of school sites, parks, or other public areas;

3.    Location of proposed land uses;

4.    Methods proposed for sewage disposal, water supply, and storm drainage, and their general layout;

5.    Identification of the proposed phases of development, and the anticipated time frame for such development;

6.    General location of all natural resources and environmental constraints including but not limited to forests, floodplains, and steep slopes which will be affected by the proposed subdivision;

7.    General location of natural resources to be protected; and,

8.    Pedestrian/bicycle circulation system concept.

C.    If the Director determines that a development master plan is required, then the development master plan shall be submitted in accordance with the submittal deadlines established by the Director. The Director shall approve or disapprove the Development Master Plan pursuant to the provisions of this chapter. If the development master plan is denied by the Director, the subdivider/applicant may appeal to the Planning Commission in accordance with the appeal provisions established in Division 11-20.180, Appeals. Following action by the Director, the development master plan shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for their review and approval. If the development master plan is not approved by the Planning Commission, the subdivider may appeal to the City Council.

D.    The development master plan shall be submitted as part of the preliminary plat application to the Planning Commission and City Council. If development will take place in several phases, the development master plan shall be submitted as supporting data for each phase. The development master plan shall be kept up to date by the subdivider as modifications take place.