Final Plat


11-20.70.010    Plat Submittal and Review by Director

11-20.70.020    Final Plat Requirements

11-20.70.030    Final Plat Approval

11-20.70.010 Plat Submittal and Review by Director

A.    The subdivider shall submit a final plat and application to the Director for review in accordance with the Review Schedule on file with the Planning Section. The final plat shall conform to the approved preliminary plat, and shall contain all information and conform to all requirements for final plat preparation as specified below:

1.    A completed final plat application form;

2.    The required number of paper copies of the final plat, as specified in the handout available from the Planning Section, reproduced as blue or black line prints on a white background;

3.    A non-refundable final plat filing fee (See Appendix 2, Planning Fee Schedule);

4.    One complete title report for the property notarized by a state-registered title company;

5.    City/Subdivider Agreement executed by the subdivider; and,

6.    The required number of copies of landscaping plans for public and private rights-of-ways, if applicable, as specified in the handout available from the Planning Section.

B.    Upon receipt of the final plat application, the Director shall date and initial receipt of the materials and check the plat for conformity to the preliminary plat as approved or modified and for compliance with the requirements for final plats as set forth in Section 11-20.70.020, Final Plat Requirements.

C.    Upon approval of the final plat application and final plat by the City Council, the subdivider shall submit to the Director the following, which shall be dated upon receipt:

1.    One opaque linen or Mylar copy of the final plat for recordation;

2.    One reproducible Mylar copy of the final plat; and,

3.    One electronic copy of the final plat, provided in a format determined by the City Engineer.

11-20.70.020 Final Plat Requirements

A.    All final subdivision plats shall be designed to comply with the requirements of the specific zoning district (zone) within which they are located.

B.    The subdivider shall submit copies of the final plat to the appropriate public/quasi-public utility agencies prior to seeking City Council action on a final plat. Written comments by the agencies shall be made to the Director as a part of the application. The Director shall submit the final plat application together with the utility agencies’ comments to the City Council.

C.    The final plat shall substantially conform to the approved preliminary plat, and shall be in compliance with all appropriate City standards, codes, specifications, and requirements.

D.    Every subdivision shall conform to the objectives of any comprehensive general plan approved or as amended by the City Council, except where existing development rights supersede the subdivision proposal, such as if the property has vested and/or nonconforming rights.

E.    Any information required as part of the final plat submittal shall be shown graphically, by note, by letter, or in combination on the plans, and may comprise several sheets showing various elements of the required data.

F.    The final record plat of a subdivision shall be drawn in waterproof ink on linen or other non-shrinking material on a sheet not to exceed 24 inches by 36 inches in overall dimensions, and shall have a left margin of two inches. All final plats requiring more than one sheet shall have a cover sheet indicating the entire subdivision and the proposed sections to be found on the corresponding individual pages. The final plat shall be drawn to an accurate scale of not more than 1 inch = 100 feet.

G.    Submittal of documents of dedication does not automatically convey such lands or rights-of-way into public ownership; such dedications must be accepted by the City Council. Submittal of documents of dedication also does not automatically indicate acceptance of the land dedicated for maintenance by the City. Acceptance for maintenance by the City requires a request by the subdivider or property owner to the City Council and specific action by the Mayor and City Council for such acceptance for maintenance by the City, and the execution of a City/Subdivider Agreement.

H.    Avigation easement if appropriate.

I.    All lands to be dedicated to the City that are not considered rights-of-way require a warranty deed to be recorded with the final plat.

J.    All final plats shall contain the following information:

1.    A title that includes the name of the subdivision and its location by number of section, township, range, meridian and county;

2.    Name and address of subdivider (record owner), and name, address, registration number, and seal of the registered land surveyor preparing the plat;

3.    Name, address, and registration number of the registered civil engineer responsible for the preparation of the engineering drawings that are necessary for the proposed subdivision;

4.    Utility companies’ signatures and date;

5.    Bar scale, north arrow oriented to top, right or left of sheet, and date of plat preparation;

6.    Boundaries of the tract to be subdivided shall be mathematically correct and show all record and measured bearings and distances. Boundary dimensions to 0.01' and bearings to 1 second shall be shown, as well as a description of all found monuments;

7.    Any excepted parcel or parcels within the plat boundaries shall be accurately described by bearings and distances determined by an accurate survey in the field. All dimensions shall be expressed to 0.01' and bearings to 1second;

8.    Record basis of bearing and two corners of the subdivision shall be tied by course and distance to separate survey monuments approved by the City Engineer;

9.    Names, centerlines, right-of-way lines, courses, lengths, and widths of all public streets, alleys, and easements to be dedicated. Points of tangency of all curvilinear streets and alleys shall be shown. Curve data shall include radius, length, central angle, and radial bearings (or chord bearing and chord length) on non-tangent curves;

10.    Location, dimensions, and area (square feet or acres) of all lots and tracts shall be shown. Lot dimensions and appropriate bearings shall be indicated for all lot lines. In areas subject to flooding, minimum finished first floor elevations shall be shown as may be recommended by the appropriate authority;

11.    All lots shall be numbered consecutively throughout the plat. Parcels or tracts for affordable housing, school sites, parks, open space areas, or other public uses shall be so designated, lettered, or named, and clearly dimensioned;

12.    The accurate outline of all property which is offered for dedication for public use and of all property that may be reserved by deed covenant for the common use of the property owners in the subdivision shall be shown;

13.    Subdivision name, case number, and map number of adjacent recorded subdivisions, with location of existing adjacent lots, easements, and rights-of-way shown, or Docket and Page or instrument number, where appropriate. All proposed conditions shall be graphically differentiated from existing conditions on adjacent properties and on excepted parcels within the plat;

14.    The following notation shall be placed upon all final plats for public utility easements: "Except for construction and improvements by governmental entities and certified public utilities, construction and improvements within utility easements shall be limited to the following:

a.    Removable wood, wire, or sectional fencing; and,

b.    Construction, structures, or buildings expressly approved in writing by all public utilities which use or shall use the utility easement";

15.    Statement and acknowledgment of the dedication of all streets, alleys, drainageways, utility easements, crosswalks, bike paths, pedestrian ways, including but not limited to sidewalks, crosswalks and trails, and other easements for public use by the persons holding title of record, by persons holding title as vendees under land contract, and by spouses of said parties, if jointly owned. If lands dedicated are mortgaged, the mortgagee shall also sign the plat. Dedications shall include a written location by section, township, and range of the tract. If the plat contains private streets, provisions should be made so that the public utilities reserve the right to install and maintain utilities above, on, and below such private streets or ways;

16.    The following certifications must be included on the final plat in the form as determined by the Director:

a.    Certification by a registered land surveyor that the plat is correct and accurate, and that the monuments described in it have been located as described;

b.    Certification of plat approval by the City Engineer;

c.    Certification of plat approval by the Director; and,

d.    Certification of plat approval by the City Council;

17.    The location of appropriate vehicular non-access restrictions as well as intersection clear view zones if located on a lot(s) shall be included on the plat;

18.    A typical maximum construction envelope containing minimum building setbacks and maximum permitted lot coverage shall be shown on the plat. Dimensioned non-typical construction envelopes shall be shown on the individual lots which are affected;

19.    Floodplain limits and the following text when applicable: "Lots ________ have been identified as being partially or wholly within a flood hazard area per F.I.R.M. Map_________, revision date_________. Because flood hazard boundaries may be revised periodically, the most recent flood hazard map for this area should be reviewed to determine the exact limits and severity of potential flooding on these lots. Flood hazard maps and requirements for construction within flood hazard areas can be obtained from the City of Flagstaff";

20.    Subdivisions that are associated with a rezoning ordinance shall identify the ordinance number and the instrument number of the recorded ordinance on the plat;

21.    A development phasing map and proposed timing schedule delineating the configuration, size in acres, and general sequence of development and dedication;

22.    Drawings of the final plat, digital and hard copy, in accordance with the provisions of the Engineering Standards;

23.    A complete and accurate legend;

24.    A location map with north arrow; and,

25.    All information on the plat must be legible.

K.    A final plat submittal for a condominium subdivision shall also include the additional information as required by Section 11-20.60.020, Preliminary Plat Requirements.

11-20.70.030 Final Plat Approval

A.    An application for approval of a final plat shall not be filed unless there is an approved preliminary plat for the proposed subdivision as provided for in Division 11-20.60, Preliminary Plat.

B.    An applicant for final plat approval shall comply in all respects with the provisions of this Chapter.

C.    An applicant shall submit all of the documents, information, data, and other requirements for final plat approval to the Director and shall furnish all information and materials needed by the Director and City Engineer to satisfy the requirements of Division 11-20.70, Final Plat.

D.    In addition to the requirements of the preceding subsections, the applicant shall provide to the Director and City Engineer any additional information, documents, or other material relevant to the application that the Director and City Engineer reasonably believe are necessary in order for the City Council to evaluate, analyze, or understand the subject matter of the application.

E.    An application for final plat approval shall not be deemed to have been filed or properly submitted until all fees have been paid and assurances provided and all of the above listed requirements have been complied with as determined by the Director.

F.    The procedures for approval, amendment, or denial of final plat applications shall be as follows:

1.    The Director and City Engineer shall approve or disapprove an application for a final plat pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter.

2.    Approval:

a.    Upon receipt of a final recommendation on an application for a final plat from the Director and City Engineer, the application and an executed City/Subdivider Agreement shall be transmitted to the City Council for final approval. After approval of the final plat by the City Council and certification by the City Engineer, the City Manager shall request that the City Clerk and the Mayor transcribe a certificate of approval upon the plat and that the Mayor and City Clerk execute the City/Subdivider Agreement, first making sure that the other required certifications and dedications have been duly signed and acknowledged.

b.    The subdivider shall then pay to the City the fee charged by the Coconino County Recorder for the recordation of the plat and the City/Subdivider Agreement. The City shall then promptly record the plat with the Coconino County Recorder, pursuant to A.R.S. § 9-463.01.

3.    Amendment:

a.    When the final plat has been approved by the City Council and recorded with the Coconino County Recorder all development regulations and conditions of approval applicable to the final plat are final and may not be amended except upon application to the Director following the procedures for subdivision approval established in Division 11-20.40, Subdivision Procedures and Requirements.

b.    If the City Council finds that the plat requires further amendment, the case shall not be approved until the amendments can be satisfactorily accomplished.

4.    Denial:

If the City Council disapproves the final plat, the minutes shall state the reasons for such denial. The final plat application may be re-filed at any time if revision can resolve the reasons for the denial as originally proposed. The new filing of a final plat application for the same tract, or any portion of the plat, shall follow the procedures and requirements specified in this section.

G.    The final plat shall not be recorded until both of the following requirements have been satisfied:

1.    Engineering plans for water, public sanitary sewer facilities, grading, and all other improvements have been approved by the City Engineer, and

2.    The subdivider has posted an assurance of performance as set forth in City Code Title 10, Zoning Code, Division 10-20.100, Assurance of Performance for Construction, to guarantee the installation of required improvements.