25.01    Land Use Definition

25.02    Use Regulations

25.03    Additional Regulations

25.04    District Changes and Rezoning

25.01 Land Use Definition

Open space: this category applies to open space areas such as agricultural land, greenbelt, parks, golf courses, and other areas to be preserved as open space. Commercial recreation, cemeteries/mausoleums, golf courses, farms and resort-related open space are uses permitted.

Accessory uses, temporary uses, churches, community or government facilities, health clubs, plant nurseries, stables and any manufactured structures require use permit approval.

25.02 Use Regulations

Buildings and premises are only to be used for the purposes as defined in the city of Litchfield Park zoning matrix (Section 28).

25.03 Additional Regulations

a.    Any exterior lighting shall be directed downward and away from adjacent property in accordance with the city code and this zoning code. See Section 31.15.

b.    Provisions for on-site stormwater retention/drainage and off-site stormwater drainage both entering and leaving the property shall be as required by the city and the Maricopa County Flood Control District; the procedures for which shall be approved by the council.

25.04 District Changes and Rezoning

Requests for changes to, or the rezoning of, lands within the open space district shall require:

a.    Special Hearings

1.    A public hearing of the commission to consider only applications for changes to and/or amendment of open space designations; and

2.    A special public hearing of the council for the sole purpose of considering commission recommendations regarding application(s) for changes to and/or amendment of open space designations.

b.    Special Notice

1.    Publication in a local newspaper of general circulation of a notice, of not less than one-eighth page, of the time, date and place of special hearings on proposed open space district changes and/or amendments;

2.    Posted notice of the time, date and place of special hearings on requested changes to and/or amendments of open space designations on the subject property; and

3.    Mailed notice to the owner of record of properties within three hundred feet of the subject property. (Ord. 04-91 § 1 (part))