Title 15


Division I. Introduction

15.02    General Provisions

15.06    Establishment of Zoning Districts

Division II. Zoning Districts

15.10    Residential Districts

15.14    Supplemental Residential Regulations

15.18    Nonresidential Districts

15.22    Supplemental Nonresidential Regulations

15.26    Special Purpose Districts

15.30    Height Limits

Division III. General Regulations

15.34    Signs

15.38    Parking

15.40    Marijuana (Cannabis) Regulation

15.42    Wireless Communications Facilities

15.44    Satellite Dish and Amateur Radio Antennas

15.46    Noise Standards and Film Shoots

15.50    Fire Hazard and CPTED Safety Regulations

15.54    Residential Condominium Conversions

15.58    Affordable Housing Incentives

15.62    Design Standards

15.66    Housing and Reasonable Accommodation

15.68    Green Building Program

Division IV. Administration

15.70    Review Procedures

15.74    Discretionary Permits

15.78    General Plans, Specific Plans and Zone Changes

15.82    Development Agreements and Other Actions

15.86    Nonconforming Uses, Lots and Structures

15.90    Fees and Deposits

15.94    Definitions

Zoning Code Appendix A:    Requirements for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Prior legislation: Ord. 2009-109.



Cross-references: major thoroughfare and bridge fee program, Chapter 3.12 AVMC; floodplain management overlay district, Chapter 7.50 AVMC; firing ranges, AVMC 8.02.020; disturbances in residential areas during sleeping hours, Chapter 8.10 AVMC; graffiti removal, AVMC 8.14.110; parks, Chapter 11.10 AVMC; buildings and construction, AVMC Title 13; subdivisions, AVMC Title 14.