Title 14


14.02    General Provisions

14.04    Types of Maps

14.06    Requirements for Filing Tentative Maps

14.08    Processing Procedures for Tentative Maps

14.10    Standards of Design

14.12    Dedication

14.14    Improvements, Monumentation and Security

14.16    Dedication of Land for Park Facilities and Payment in Lieu of Fees

14.18    Final Map Requirements and Procedures

14.20    Reversions to Acreage

14.22    Certificates of Compliance

14.24    Lot Line Adjustments

14.26    Merger of Contiguous Lots

14.28    Urban Lot Splits


Cross-references: violations and penalties generally, Chapter 1.06 AVMC; major thoroughfare and bridge fee program, Chapter 3.12 AVMC; floodplain management overlay district, Chapter 7.50 AVMC; graffiti removal, AVMC 8.14.110; buildings and construction, AVMC Title 13; zoning code, AVMC Title 15.