Chapter 6.04


6.04.010    Definitions.

6.04.020    Poundmaster.

6.04.030    Control of dogs.

6.04.040    License and tag required.

6.04.050    Rabies vaccination required.

6.04.060    Application for and issuance of tags.

6.04.070    Fee for license.

6.04.080    Exemptions.

6.04.090    Delinquency penalty.

6.04.100    Duplicate tags or certificates.

6.04.110    Impoundment--Authorized.

6.04.120    Impoundment--Unlicensed dogs.

6.04.130    Impoundment--Owner-identifiable dogs.

6.04.140    Impoundment--Biters or rabies suspects.

6.04.150    Impoundment--Fees.

6.04.160    Licensed dogs running at large.

6.04.170    Records of poundmaster.

6.04.180    Abandonment of animals.

6.04.190    Right of entry of peace officers.

6.04.200    Violation--Penalty.

6.04.010 Definitions.

The following definitions are set forth for the purpose of this chapter:

A.    "At large" means a dog off the premises of its owner and not under restraint by leash or chain or not otherwise controlled by a competent person.

B.    "Dog" includes all female, male and neuter dogs and means any domesticated animal of the canine family, including coyotes, wolves or other wild species of the canine family.

C.    "Health officer" means the health officer of the city of Angels or the public health sanitarian.

D.    "Owner" includes the legal owner, equitable owner, any person keeping, in possession of, harboring or having custody or control of any dog.

E.    "Peace officer" means the chief of police of the city of Angels or any member of its police force.

F.    "Persons" includes natural persons, partnerships and unincorporated associations.

G.    "Poundmaster" means the person employed by the city of Angels under this title, or his assistants, deputies or any person under contract or appointment with the city to perform his duties. (Ord. 150 §1, 1960)

6.04.020 Poundmaster.

The office of poundmaster of the city of Angels is created. The poundmaster shall have and perform such duties as are required of him by this chapter and any amendments thereto, by state law, and as directed by the city council. (Ord. 150 §2, 1960)

6.04.030 Control of dogs.

No person owning any dog or having the care, custody, control or possession of any dog shall suffer, allow or permit such dog to run, or be or remain at large, outside the immediate control or restraint of the person in any public street, road, alley, park, school premises, trailer court, auto court or other public place, or upon private property other than the property of the owner or custodian of such dog, without the consent of the person in control of such property. (Ord. 150 §3, 1960)

6.04.040 License and tag required.

It is unlawful for any person owning, harboring or having the care, custody or possession of any dog to keep or maintain such dog in any place within the city limits, unless such dog is licensed and is wearing a license tag, attached to the dog’s neck or a leg by means of a substantial collar or chain, as provided in this chapter. (Ord. 150 §4, 1960)

6.04.050 Rabies vaccination required.

Every dog owner, after his dog attains the age of four months, shall at such intervals of time, not more often than once a year, if and as may be prescribed by the Health Department of the state of California, procure its vaccination by a licensed veterinarian with a canine antirabies vaccine approved by and in a manner prescribed by the state Department of Public Health and, when so prescribed, no license shall be issued for any dog over the age of four months until the owner submits proof of valid certificate of rabies vaccination. (Ord. 172 §1(part), 1969: Ord. 150 §5, 1960)

6.04.060 Application for and issuance of tags.

The city clerk is authorized and directed to receive applications for, and to issue, license tags. He shall provide suitable application blanks for dog licenses, as provided in this chapter, and license tags to be issued as required by this chapter. The tags shall be metallic or of some other durable material, and shall have stamped thereon the words, "CITY OF ANGELS," and the year of issuance, and shall be numbered serially. (Ord. 150 §6, 1960)

6.04.070 Fee for license.

The owner of any dog over the age of four months shall procure, annually for each year, a license for such dog. The fee for such license shall be due on September 1st and be in default on September 15th of each year. The fee shall be as follows:

Male dog, neuter dog or spayed female


Unspayed female


(Ord. 174 §1(part), 1969; Ord. 172 §1(part), 1969: Ord. 150 §7, 1960)

6.04.080 Exemptions.

A.    For the purposes of this chapter, no licenses or license fee shall be required for dogs under the age of four months, provided they are leashed or confined within the private property of their owner; or for any dog for which the owner has paid a license fee during the same calendar year in another city or county.

B.    No license fee shall be required for the issuance of a dog license certificate and tag to any person owning or having the control of any dog duly and properly trained to aid or assist the blind. (Ord. 172 §1(part), 1969: Ord. 150 §8, 1960)

6.04.090 Delinquency penalty.

For delinquency in the payment of the fee required by this chapter a penalty of one dollar shall be added after September 15th of such license year. This penalty shall be collected by the city clerk but shall not apply to dogs under three months of age nor to dogs moved into the city of Angels after September 15th of the current year. (Ord. 150 §9, 1960)

6.04.100 Duplicate tags or certificates.

Whenever a license certificate or tag has been lost or destroyed, a duplicate shall be issued by the city clerk upon the payment of a fee of fifty cents, upon satisfactory proof of the loss and the identity of the tag. (Ord. 150 §10, 1960)

6.04.110 Impoundment--Authorized.

All peace officers shall take possession of and impound with the poundmaster any dog found within the city which is not licensed and tagged as required by this chapter, or which does not have a current license tag of a city, county or city and county equivalent to a license and tag of this city, as provided in this chapter, or which is running at large, whether licensed or not. Any dog so taken shall be delivered to the nearest available pound facility and shall be held there for not less than five days. (Ord. 150 §11, 1960)

6.04.120 Impoundment--Unlicensed dogs.

Any dog which is not licensed and tagged as required by this chapter or which does not have a current license tag of a city, county or city and county equivalent to a license and tag of this city, and other unidentified domestic animals impounded under this chapter, shall be kept three days. Upon the expiration of the three-day period, the poundmaster may cause such unidentified dogs and other domestic animals to be disposed of in an acceptable humane manner, or, prior to the disposal of the unidentified dogs and other domestic animals, the poundmaster may turn the animals over to any person who will comply with this chapter. Persons taking such an animal from the pound shall pay an impounding fee of four dollars in addition to any dog license fee required. The owner of an impounded animal may reclaim such animal during the stated time and before other disposition by paying all fees and charges as provided by this chapter. (Ord. 208 §1(a), 1975: Ord. 174 §l(part), 1969: Ord. 150 §12(part), 1960)

6.04.130 Impoundment--Owner-identifiable dogs.

A dog or other domestic animal, whose owner can be identified and which is impounded under this chapter, shall be kept ten days after mailing of notice of impoundment by certified mail to its owner. Failure of refusal to pay such fees and charges accrued within ten days after mailing notice of impoundment shall be deemed to be an abandonment of the animal by the owner and the poundmaster may dispose of it as described in Section 6.04.120. (Ord. 208 §1(b), 1975: Ord. 174 §1(part), 1969: Ord. 150 §12(part), 1960)

6.04.140 Impoundment--Biters or rabies suspects.

If an animal has bitten a person or there is reason to suspect that it is infected with rabies, the health officer may impose a quarantine which will be carried out by the pound-master. Charges for animals delivered to the health department and held in quarantine shall be four dollars impounding fee plus one dollar per day boarding fees. If the animal proves to be infected with rabies, it will be disposed of as directed by the health officer. (Ord. 208 §1(c), 1975: Ord. 174 §1(part), 1969: Ord. 150 §12(part), 1960)

6.04.150 Impoundment--Fees.

The poundmaster shall charge and collect the following fees for impounded animals, when claimed and before release:

A. Food and care

$ 1.00 per day

B. Redemption fee:


1. Cat and other animals not specified


2. Dog, first impoundment within any twelve-month period:


a. Licensed dog or exempt dog


b. Unlicensed dog


An untagged dog whose owner has failed to provide satisfactory evidence that such dog is licensed or an exempt dog prior to the release of the dog shall be deemed to be an unlicensed nonexempt dog for purposes of this section.

3. Dog, second impoundment within any twelve-month period


4. Dog, third and subsequent impoundment within any twelve-month period


(Ord. 208 §1(d), 1975: Ord. 174 §1(part), 1969: Ord. 150 §12(part), 1960)

6.04.160 Licensed dogs running at large.

Any peace officer shall impound any dog, licensed by the city of Angels, which is running at large, at the expense of the owner. If such dog is not reclaimed by its owner within ten days after written notice by registered and certified mail is sent by the poundmaster to the address of the registered owner given by him in his application for license for such dog, the poundmaster may dispose of the dog in the manner as provided in this ordinance for unlicensed dogs. (Ord. 150 §13, 1960)

6.04.170 Records of poundmaster.

The poundmaster shall keep a permanent record of acceptance and disposition of dogs and other animals, upon forms approved and provided by the city clerk. (Ord. 150 §14, 1960)

6.04.180 Abandonment of animals.

It is unlawful for the owner of any animal to abandon it in the city of Angels. (Ord. 150 §15, 1960)

6.04.190 Right of entry of peace officers.

Any peace officer is authorized to enter upon any premises upon which any animal is kept, with the proper lawful procedures, for the purpose of ascertaining whether such animal is registered, as provided in this ordinance, or for the purpose of inspecting the premises to ascertain whether any law of the city of Angels or state relating to the care, treatment or impounding of dumb animals or fowls is being violated, or for the purpose of taking up, seizing or impounding any animal found running at large, or staked, herded or grazed thereon, contrary to the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 150 §16, 1960)

6.04.200 Violation--Penalty.

Any person violating any provision of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable upon conviction by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment in the County Jail for not more than sixty days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. (Ord. 182 §1, 1972: Ord. 150 §17, 1960)