Chapter 9.12
Zoning Map Revised 1/18


9.12.010    Purpose

9.12.020    Zoning Map and Zoning Districts Revised 7/17 Revised 1/18

9.12.030    Land Use Plan Map

9.12.010 Purpose

This Chapter establishes the zoning districts applied to property within the City and adopts the City’s Zoning Map, Land Use Plan Map, and Coastal Zone Boundaries maps.

9.12.020 Zoning Map and Zoning Districts Revised 1/18

The Council hereby adopts the City of Arcata Zoning Map (hereinafter referred to as the "Zoning Map"), which is on file with the Department. The Zoning Map is hereby incorporated into this Land Use Code by reference as though it were fully included here.

The Zoning Map is hereby amended by Exhibit "1," attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter and incorporated herein, and the property identified in Exhibit 1 is hereby rezoned as shown in Exhibit 1.1

A.    Zoning districts established. The City of Arcata shall divide the zoning districts that implement the Arcata General Plan. The zoning districts shown in Table 1-1 are hereby established, and shall be shown on the Zoning Map. The purposes and requirements of each zoning district are in Article 2 (Zoning Districts and Allowable Uses).

Transportation rights-of-way such as streets, highways, bike lanes, trails or railroads without a specific zoning district shall have uses consistent with the Arcata General Plan: 2020 Transportation Element unless a Conditional Use Permit is obtained in conformance with Section 9.72.080 (Use Permit and Minor Use Permit).

B.    Interpretation of zoning district boundaries. If there is uncertainty about the location of any zoning district boundary shown on the Zoning Map, the Zoning Administrator shall determine the location of the boundary, as follows.

1.    Where a boundary approximately follows alley or street lines, the street or alley center line shall be construed to be the boundary;

2.    Where a boundary approximately follows lot lines, the lot lines shall be construed to be the boundary;

3.    If a boundary divides a parcel and the boundary line location is not specified by distances printed on the Zoning Map, the location of the boundary will be determined by using the scale appearing on the Zoning Map; provided, that when unsubdivided acreage is subdivided, the location of the zoning boundary that divided the acreage shall be construed to be a new lot line or street center line within 20 feet of the location of the boundary, according to the scale of the map; and

4.    Where a public right-of-way is officially vacated or abandoned, the property that was formerly in the right-of-way shall be included within the zoning district of the adjoining property on either side of the vacated or abandoned right-of-way.

C.    Zoning Map amendments. Any amendment to the Zoning Map shall comply with Chapter 9.92 (Amendments).

Table 1-1 - Zoning District

Zoning District Symbol

Name of Zoning District

General Plan Designation Implemented by Zoning District

Agricultural and Resource Districts


Agricultural - Exclusive

Agricultural - Exclusive


Agricultural - Residential

Agricultural - Residential


Natural Resource - Timber Production

Natural Resource - TP


Natural Resource - Public Trust

Natural Resource - PT

Residential Districts


Residential - Very Low Density

Residential - Very Low Density


Residential - Low Density

Residential - Low Density


Residential - Medium Density

Residential - Medium Density


Residential - High Density

Residential - High Density

Commercial Districts


Commercial - Central

Commercial - Central


Commercial - General

Commercial - General


Commercial - Visitor Serving

Commercial - Visitor Serving


Commercial - Mixed Use Center

Commercial - Mixed Use Center

Industrial and Public Facility Districts


Industrial - Limited

Industrial - Limited


Industrial - General

Industrial - General


Public Facility

Public Facility

Combining Zones


Creamery District

Industrial - Limited


Historic Landmark



Cannabis Innovation Zone

Specific Industrial - Limited and Industrial - General properties - See Section 9.28.130, Figure 2-25.


Natural Hazards



Neighborhood Conservation Area



Plaza Area

Commercial - Central


Planned Development








Special Considerations - Agricultural

Special Considerations - Resource

Special Considerations - Residential

Special Considerations - Commercial

Special Considerations - Industrial

Special Considerations - Public Facility


Natural Resource




Public Facility


Wetland Protection

Natural Resource - WSP


Stream Protection

Natural Resource - WSP

(Ord. 1397, eff. 12/4/2009; Ord. 1432, eff. 12/20/2013; Ord. 1467, eff. 11/20/2015; Ord. 1468, eff. 4/1/2016; Ord. 1488, eff. 7/21/2017; Ord. 1496, eff. 12/20/2017)

9.12.030 Land Use Plan Map

A.    Land Use Plan Map adopted. The official City map entitled "City and Sphere of Influence Land Use Plan Map" is hereby adopted, and incorporated into this Land Use Code by reference as though it were fully included here. This map supersedes and replaces the maps adopted by Ordinances 1071 and 1151, and all subsequent amendments to those maps.

B.    Purpose and effect of Land Use Plan Map. The purpose and effect of this map is to show, for the unincorporated territory within the City’s Sphere of Influence adopted by the Humboldt County Local Agency Formation Commission, the potential zoning districts of this Land Use Code that the City intends to apply to the parcels that may be eventually annexed to the City. The land use designations shown on the Land Use Plan Map shall be effective immediately upon the annexation of each subject parcel to the City per Sections 9.92.060 and 9.94.040 of this Land Use Code.

C.    Amendments. Amendments to the Land Use Plan Map shall comply with the criteria and procedures in Chapters 9.92 (Amendments), and 9.94 (Annexation).


Code reviser’s note: Ordinance 1432 does not include an Exhibit 1 or amendment to the Zoning Map. The Zoning Map is on file with the Department.