Title 15


Division I. Building and Safety Construction Code

15.01    Purpose and Findings

15.03    Construction Code Adopted

15.05    Amendments and Additions to the California Building Code

15.08    Amendments and Additions to the California Residential Code

15.11    Amendments and Additions to the California Plumbing Code

15.16    Amendments and Additions to the California Existing Building Code

15.20    Amendments and Additions to the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code

15.25    Mandatory Construction Waste Reduction, Disposal, and Recycling, and Water Efficient Landscaping

15.27    Commercial Construction Time Limits

15.30    Gas Shut-Off Devices

15.33    Notice of Building Occupancy Prohibitions

15.35    Streamlined Permitting for Residential Rooftop Solar

15.40    Streamlined Permitting for (EV) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Division II. Flood Damage Prevention

15.47    General Flood Provisions

15.49    Administration

15.50    (Reserved)

15.51    Provisions for Flood Hazard Reduction

15.53    Variances

15.55    Appeals

15.56    (Reserved)

Division III. Seismic Hazards

15.60    Seismic Hazards Identification Program

15.62    (Reserved)

15.64    (Reserved)

15.66    (Reserved)

Division IV. Storm Water, Grading and Erosion Control, Public Improvement Standards

15.70    Storm Water

15.73    Grading and Erosion Control

15.75    Public Improvement Standards


    For statutory provisions authorizing cities to regulate buildings and construction, see Government Code §§ 38601 and 38660; for provisions on the construction of housing, see Health and Safety Code § 17910 et seq.; for provisions authorizing cities to adopt codes by reference, see Government Code § 50022.1 et seq.