Chapter 9.36


9.36.010    Temporary, publicly attended activities defined. Amended Ord. 1065

9.36.030    Procedure. Amended Ord. 1065

9.36.040    Fee. Amended Ord. 1065

9.36.010 Temporary, publicly attended activities defined. Amended Ord. 1065

For purposes of this chapter, “temporary, publicly attended activities” are activities having all of the following characteristics:

A. The activity is one which is not, except as hereafter provided, allowable as a principal permitted use, or pursuant to a use permit for the property upon which the activity will be conducted;

B. Is an event which the sponsors seek to have attended by twenty-five or more people, or which the sponsoring persons anticipate to be attended by twenty-five or more people. Ordinarily, this will be an event to which the public, or a large class of persons, has been invited to attend;

C. Is an event which is either:

1. Conducted for business or promotional activities;

2. Is to be conducted upon commercially zoned property;

D. “Temporary, publicly attended activities” regulated by this chapter does not include gatherings or events which are principally religious or political in nature;

E. “Temporary, publicly attended activities” are those which are of a duration of one week or less and ordinarily conducted on a “onetime only” basis. (Ord. 507 (part), 1981)

9.36.030 Procedure. Amended Ord. 1065

An applicant for any permit for any such activity shall submit an application for that activity to the city manager. The city manager may designate the form of any such application and may require the applicant to submit such information as the city manager determines is necessary for informed city council consideration. The council may reject or continue for further hearing the consideration of any application for which the council determines that it needs more information, or which the council determines has not been sufficiently made known to potentially interested persons. The council shall grant only such permits as it determines are in the public interest. The council may condition the use of any permit by any measures the council deems necessary to protect the safety, noise levels, privacy, traffic flow or access of neighbors or the general public. (Ord. 507 (part), 1981)

9.36.040 Fee. Amended Ord. 1065

The fee for any such application shall be five dollars or any such amount as the city council may hereafter, by resolution, set. (Ord. 507 (part), 1981)