SANITATION AND HEALTH Amended Ord. 24-002 Ord. 24-003

Chapter 1    Animals and Fowl

Chapter 2    Dangerous and Insanitary Conditions

Chapter 3    Food Establishments

Chapter 4    Collection of Solid Waste and Recyclables

Chapter 5    Laundries

Chapter 6    Obstructions to Watercourses

Chapter 7    Rodent Harborage

Chapter 8    Repealed

Chapter 9    Water Wells

Chapter 10    Weed and Refuse Abatement Amended Ord. 24-003

Chapter 11    Property Maintenance

Chapter 12    Operation and Maintenance of Off-Street Parking Facilities

Chapter 13    Stormwater Treatment Design, Management, and Discharge Control Program

Chapter 14    Food Service Waste Reduction

Chapter 15    Restrictions on Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Use

Chapter 16    Prohibiting the Use of Neonicotinoids and Rodenticides on City-Owned, Managed and Leased Property Added Ord. 24-002