Chapter 13.36


13.36.010    Public projects.

13.36.020    Extra work or materials – Liability.

13.36.030    Extra work and materials – Contract provisions.

13.36.040    Changes in public project contracts.

13.36.050    Notices to contractors.

13.36.010 Public projects.

The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all public project contracts awarded by the city pursuant to Sections 20160, et seq. of the Public Contracts Code of the state. (Prior code § 7-8.01)

13.36.020 Extra work or materials – Liability.

The city shall not pay or become liable for any extra work done on, or extra materials furnished for, any public project in the course and performance of a contract let pursuant to this chapter, except in accordance with Section 13.36.040, unless the contract specifically provides for such payment or the contract is changed or modified in the manner provided for in this chapter. (Prior code § 7-8.02)

13.36.030 Extra work and materials – Contract provisions.

The council may cause the insertion of provisions in any public project contract, or the specifications therefor, for the performance of such extra work and furnishing of materials therefor by the contractor as the director of public works requires for the proper completion or construction of the whole work contemplated. (Prior code § 7-8.04)

13.36.040 Changes in public project contracts.

The director of public works may order changes or additions in the work being performed under construction contracts. The extra cost to the city for all such changes or additions to the work so ordered shall not exceed five thousand dollars, when the total amount of the original contract does not exceed fifty thousand dollars, nor ten percent of the amount of any original contract which exceeds fifty thousand dollars. In no event shall such changes or alterations exceed twenty-five thousand dollars. (Prior code § 7-8.03)

13.36.050 Notices to contractors.

Notices of the provisions of this chapter shall be given to all contractors submitting bids for public projects in the city. (Prior code § 7-8.05)