Chapter 2.05


2.05.010    Appointments are at the pleasure of the City Council.

2.05.020    Retroactive effect.

2.05.100    Commission and committee attendance.

2.05.010 Appointments are at the pleasure of the City Council.

All appointments to City boards, commissions, committees and other such permanent or temporary auxiliary bodies, currently existing or hereafter created, including but not limited to the City Planning Commission, Technical Review Committee, and Beautification Committee, whether such appointment is by the City Council, by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council, or by the Mayor alone, shall be at the pleasure of the City Council, regardless of the stated term or lack thereof. The City Council reserves the right, at any time, to revoke or terminate any such appointment on the basis that it would be in the best interests of the City, or for such other cause as it may deem appropriate upon majority vote adopting a motion or resolution to that effect. (Ord. CCO-90-01, 1990)

2.05.020 Retroactive effect.

This chapter shall be applicable to all such appointments previously made, in addition to those made in the future. (Ord. CCO-90-01, 1990)

2.05.100 Commission and committee attendance.

(A) Appointees to City commissions and committees, and City representatives to the commissions and committees of other entities, shall endeavor to attend all meetings thereof.

(B) If any such appointee shall fail to attend three consecutive meetings of the commission or committee of which he or she is a member, the person’s appointment shall be deemed automatically rescinded and revoked; provided, however, that the City Council may, but shall not be required to, nullify such rescission, and reinstate the appointment, upon a finding that a significant number of the absences were excusable. (Ord. CCO-90-12, 1991)