Chapter 2.04


2.04.010    Composition of government.

2.04.020    Appointment of officers.

2.04.030    Powers and duties of officers.

2.04.200    Abolishment of offices of departmental commissioners.

2.04.010 Composition of government.

The government of the City of Mt. Shasta shall be vested in:

(A) A City Council, composed of five members, the president of which shall be known as the Mayor;

(B) A City Clerk, who shall be ex officio assessor;

(C) A City Treasurer;

(D) A Chief of Police, who shall be appointed by the City Council; and

(E) Such subordinate officers as are hereinafter provided. (Ord. 89 § 1, 1930)

2.04.020 Appointment of officers.

The City Council may, at its discretion, appoint a City Manager, City Attorney, City Engineer, Director of Public Works, Building Inspector, Fire Chief, Director of Finance, and such other subordinate officers, including but not limited to Deputy City Clerks and Deputy City Treasurers, as in its judgment may be necessary and fix their compensation. The officers shall hold office at the pleasure of the City Council. (Ord. CCO-96-07 § 1, 1996; Ord. 89 § 2, 1930)

2.04.030 Powers and duties of officers.

The City Clerk, City Attorney, Chief of Police, City Treasurer, City Engineer, Director of Public Works, City Manager, Building Inspector, Fire Chief, and Director of Finance shall severally perform the duties and have the powers prescribed by the laws of the State of California and the ordinances of the City of Mt. Shasta. (Ord. CCO-96-07 § 2, 1996; Ord. 89 § 3, 1930)

2.04.200 Abolishment of offices of departmental commissioners.

The offices of Police Commissioner, Fire Commissioner, Public Works Commissioners, and all other such departmental commissioners, except Planning Commissioners and Parking District Commissioners, are hereby abolished. (Ord. CCO-92-03, 1992)