Chapter 2.64


2.64.010    Public records.

2.64.020    Charges.

2.64.030    Payment of charges.

2.64.040    Exemptions from charges.

2.64.050    Exclusions.

2.64.010 Public records.

The City Clerk, or his/her designee, shall respond to all requests for public records in a manner which complies with State law. The City Attorney shall provide City staff with written interpretation for procedures under State law and shall amend procedures from time to time as State law changes. No person shall be permitted to search City files himself/herself, except in compliance with conditions to be promulgated by the City Clerk, who may reasonably limit such searches by members of the public in the absence of a City staff member where the integrity of City records could be compromised, but this provision shall not restrict the rights of access by staff members and Council members to view records. (Ord. CCO-93-06 § II, 1993)

2.64.020 Charges.

The charge for copies of public records shall be $0.15 per page side, for eight-and-one-half-inch by 14-inch, or smaller, pages. The charge for oversized pages which require the services of an outside copying service (e.g., plat maps and blueprints) shall be the actual cost, plus staff time in obtaining the copy. In addition to copying costs, for complicated and time-consuming data gathering, the City Clerk shall charge the actual staff time over and above the copying costs, including postage, recording tapes, and computer disks, if applicable. These charges may be amended, from time to time, by resolutions of the City Council to reflect changes in the cost of duplication. Where the document requested is not readily identifiable, the requester shall be so informed. (Ord. CCO-93-06 § II, 1993)

2.64.030 Payment of charges.

Any person requesting copies of City records shall pay the actual charges at the time of the request prior to copying; provided, however, that if the number of page sides will not be known until the copies are made, or the charge will exceed $5.00, a deposit equal to the estimated charge shall be required at the time of the request and actual costs paid therefrom at the time of delivery of the copies. (Ord. CCO-93-06 § II, 1993)

2.64.040 Exemptions from charges.

No charges shall be made for copies of City records to any of the following:

(A) City officials, including, but not limited to, appointed and elected officers, Council members, commissioners, and committee members, who request the copies in regard to the business of their respective offices;

(B) City employees who request the copies in regard to the business of their respective employment; and

(C) City contractors and consultants who request the copies in regard to the subject of their respective services to the City. (Ord. CCO-93-06 § II, 1993)

2.64.050 Exclusions.

No charge shall be made for copies of the agenda of any legislative body, commission, or committee of the City. Local news media representatives shall also be provided with agenda supporting documents free of charge. (Ord. CCO-93-06 § II, 1993)