Chapter 2.66


2.66.010    Staff time.

2.66.020    Photocopying.

2.66.010 Staff time.

Whenever the City staff, or any City contractor, is requested or required to search for public records in regard to the preparation of an administrative record, or to prepare such an administrative record itself, or to check and certify an administrative record prepared by another, for use in administrative or court proceedings, the City shall be reimbursed by the party requesting or requiring the same, for the staff and/or contractor time spent in search, compilation, and verification of accuracy of the records. The charges for staff and contractor time shall be based on the actual amount of time spent on all aspects of the search, compilation, and verification, calculated at the employee’s or contractor’s actual rate of compensation. The City Clerk may publish a schedule of such charges for public information. If a document is misfiled, the time to search therefor shall not be charged to the party requesting a record. (Ord. CCO-93-06 § III, 1993)

2.66.020 Photocopying.

The charge for copies of public records shall be $0.15 per page side, for eight-and-one-half-inch by 14-inch, or smaller, pages. The charge for oversized pages which require the services of an outside copying service (e.g., plat maps and blueprints) shall be the actual cost, plus staff time in obtaining the copy. In addition to copying costs, for complicated and time-consuming data gathering, the City Clerk shall charge the actual staff time over and above the copying costs, including postage, recording tapes, and computer disks, if applicable. This charge may be amended, from time to time, by resolution of the City Council. (Ord. CCO-93-06 § III, 1993)