Chapter 16.08


16.08.010    Use restrictions.

16.08.020    Establishment of mobile home parks.

16.08.030    Operating permit.

16.08.040    Underground utilities and television cable.

16.08.050    Minimum site size.

16.08.060    Minimum clearance.

16.08.070    Minimum roadways.

16.08.080    Snow storage areas.

16.08.090    Recreation area.

16.08.100    Fencing and screening.

16.08.110    Park lighting.

16.08.120    Refuse areas.

16.08.130    Advertising signs.

16.08.140    Telephone required.

16.08.010 Use restrictions.

Mobile home parks shall be zoned for the following types of use: a zone for independent mobile homes; and a zone for dependent mobile homes and camp cars. Use shall not include tents or other collapsible shelters without wheels. There shall be not more than 10 independent mobile homes per acre of mobile home park, or not more than 15 dependent mobile homes per acre of mobile home park, or not more than a total of 15 mobile homes, dependent or independent, per acre of mobile home park. (Ord. 244 § 3, 1965)

16.08.020 Establishment of mobile home parks.

Mobile home parks shall be established only by conditional use permit in accordance with MSMC Title 18. In applying for a use permit for construction of a mobile home park, the applicant shall provide the following:

(A) The name and address of the applicant and owner of the property;

(B) The locations and legal description of the site of the mobile home park;

(C) A complete plan of the proposed mobile home park in conformity with all of the requirements for such as contained in all applicable ordinances;

(D) Plans and specifications of all buildings, improvements and other facilities such as electrical wiring, water service pipes, gas service pipes, sewer service and roads, constructed or to be constructed in the mobile home park. (Ord. 244 § 4, 1965)

16.08.030 Operating permit.

Upon completion of construction in conformance with the applicable ordinances and codes as determined by inspection by the City Building Inspector, the Commission shall recommend to the City Council and the Council may approve the issuance of an operating permit in conformance with Cal. Health and Safety Code Division 13, Part 2, § 18205. (Ord. 244 § 5, 1965)

16.08.040 Underground utilities and television cable.

All utilities including water, sewer, electricity and gas shall be placed underground with outlets terminating at each trailer lot in accordance with building, plumbing and electrical codes of the City of Mt. Shasta. Individual TV antennas of the type extending up beyond the roof of any mobile home more than six feet are prohibited. The only exception permissible is a single central TV tower which shall serve every mobile home lot through underground cable. (Ord. 244 § 6, 1965)

16.08.050 Minimum site size.

“Site” means any area or portion of mobile home park designated or used for the occupancy of one mobile home or camp car, as defined in MSMC 16.08.010. Each site in a mobile home park shall have an area of not less than four times the floor space of the mobile home that occupies it. No site shall have an area of less than 1,000 square feet, exclusive of recreational areas, roadways, visitor parking areas and accessory buildings or service areas. Independent mobile home sites shall have an area provided for off-street parking of sufficient size for two automobiles of standard size. Dependent mobile home sites shall have an off-street parking area of sufficient size for one automobile of standard size. Each site shall be clearly defined and marked. (Ord. 244 § 7, 1965)

16.08.060 Minimum clearance.

Mobile homes shall be located on sites so there shall be at least a 25-foot clearance between independent mobile homes and 15 feet between dependent mobile homes. No mobile home shall be located closer than 15 feet from any permanent building in the mobile home park. Awnings, carports, ramadas, storage cabinets or individual sanitary facilities may be located closer to a mobile home. The minimum side and rear setback from a mobile home to a roadway in the mobile home park shall be 10 feet. Setbacks from property lines shall be 15 feet. (Ord. 244 § 8, 1965)

16.08.070 Minimum roadways.

Minimum paved roadway width in mobile home parks shall be 40 feet and shall be constructed in such a pattern as to provide reasonable and convenient traffic circulation within the mobile home park and so that every mobile home site fronts upon such roadway. Minimum roadway surfacing shall be two inches of asphaltic pavement or equivalent. (Ord. 244 § 9, 1965)

16.08.080 Snow storage areas.

All mobile home parks shall have adequate snow storage areas in connection with the mobile home park roadway system. Proposed snow storage areas shall be shown on the plans for the mobile home park. (Ord. 244 § 10, 1965)

16.08.090 Recreation area.

Every mobile home park shall include a recreation area with a minimum space of 500 square feet per mobile home lot unless otherwise approved by the Planning Commission. (Ord. 244 § 11, 1965)

16.08.100 Fencing and screening.

The Planning Commission shall determine requirements for the mobile home park perimeter fencing and/or shrubbery screening for each proposed mobile home park. (Ord. 244 § 12, 1965)

16.08.110 Park lighting.

Lighting equipment shall be such that there shall be not less than one-half footcandle of light per square foot for protective lighting the full length of all roadways from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise of each succeeding day. Individual lamps for such lighting shall be so located that the distance between them does not exceed 200 feet. All light bulbs shall be enclosed in globes of a type approved by the City Building Inspector. (Ord. 244 § 13, 1965)

16.08.120 Refuse areas.

Separate areas shall be established adjacent to roadways for deposit of refuse including garbage, rubbish and other waste. These areas shall be screened from view of passing traffic. All garbage containers in mobile home parks shall be of a type approved by the City Building Inspector. (Ord. 244 § 14, 1965)

16.08.130 Advertising signs.

Signs pertinent to mobile home parks may be allowed. Plans and elevations and location of all signs to be erected shall be submitted and approval obtained from the Planning Commission prior to issuance of a building permit. (Ord. 244 § 15, 1965)

16.08.140 Telephone required.

At least one public telephone shall be accessible at all times for the use of mobile home park residents and shall be located in a central well-lit and sheltered area in the mobile home park. (Ord. 244 § 16, 1965)