Chapter 11.24


11.24.010    Spears and Gear Prohibited in Protected Swimming Areas.

11.24.020    Possession of Spears Restricted.

*    Discharge of weapons—See Chapter 10.24.

11.24.010 Spears and Gear Prohibited in Protected Swimming Areas.

No person shall take, project or possess any spear, arbalest or air or oxygen tank into or within a protected swimming area outlined with lines and floats or buoys. (Ord. 853, 1958: 1949 Code § 4236)

11.24.020 Possession of Spears Restricted.

No person shall use, possess or control any spear, spear gun, arbalest or any similar device in or on (a) the waters of Newport Bay; (b) in or on the waters of the Pacific Ocean, within fifty (50) feet of any swimmer, bather or surfer; (c) on the beaches; or (d) on any public or private pier or dock within the City of Newport Beach. This section does not prohibit possession of a spear or arbalest at any location in the City if the point of same is completely sheathed and guarded. (Ord. 82-31 § 1, 1982: Ord. 853, 1958: 1949 Code § 4237)