Chapter 3.36


3.36.010    Parking fund.

3.36.020    Parking space—Value determination.

3.36.040    In-lieu certificate—Disposition of funds.

3.36.010 Parking fund.

There is created the parking fund for the purpose of depositing and disbursing of funds received under the provisions of this chapter. The funds deposited therein shall be used only for programs to reduce parking impacts that are specified under Section 18.20.060(B). When funds are received and deposited from parking in-lieu fees collected where a parking assessment district has been established, such funds shall be used consistent with Section 18.20.060(B) and within the same parking assessment district from which they were received. (Ord. 1481 (Exh. A (part)), 2015: Ord. 1159 § 3, 1994: Ord. 701 § 1 (part), 1970)

3.36.020 Parking space—Value determination.

The City Council shall establish the cost of an in-lieu parking certificate in the Uniform Fee Schedule based on the value of a fully improved off-street parking space. The value shall be based on the Parking Study dated June 11, 1999, and shall reflect cost of living increases. (Ord. 1481 (Exh. A (part)), 2015: Ord. 1270 § 2, 1999: Ord. 701 § 1 (part), 1970)

3.36.040 In-lieu certificate—Disposition of funds.

All funds received from the purchase of in-lieu certificates shall be deposited in the parking fund provided for in Section 3.36.010. (Ord. 1481 (Exh. A (part)), 2015: Ord. 701 § 1 (part), 1970)