Chapter 15.16


15.16.010    Permit—Required.

15.16.020    Permit—Prerequisite.

15.16.030    Permit—Application—Content.

15.16.040    Permit—Equipment inspection.

15.16.050    Time limits.

15.16.060    Relocation permit—Required.

15.16.070    Outside-city moves—Permit requirements.

15.16.080    Interference with utilities prohibited.

15.16.090    Utility company notification.

15.16.100    Compliance by utility company required.

15.16.110    Responsibility for costs of relocating utilities.

15.16.120    Inspection of vehicles and equipment.

15.16.130    Lights on building during move.

15.16.140    Repair of streets—Responsibility.

15.16.150    Repair of streets—Cost recovery.

15.16.010 Permit—Required.

No person shall move any building or structure or any portion thereof over, upon, along or across any street or alley without a written permit therefor from the building inspector. Such permit shall be referred to as a house mover’s permit. (Prior code § 15.16.020)

15.16.020 Permit—Prerequisite.

No house mover’s permit shall be issued to any person who does not possess a contractor’s license in good standing in the state and a city business license. (Prior code § 15.16.030)

15.16.030 Permit—Application—Content.

Any person applying for a house mover’s permit shall file with the building inspector an application setting forth the following information:

A.    The present location of the building proposed to be moved;

B.    The location to which it is proposed to move the building;

C.    The route proposed to be followed in moving the building;

D.    Two sets of blueprints of the floor and four elevations of the building as it is to be constructed and erected;

E.    The width and length of such building and its height on dollies. (Ord. 1066 § 4, 1999; prior code § 15.16.040)

15.16.040 Permit—Equipment inspection.

The house mover’s permit issued shall stipulate that all equipment used in moving operations shall be subject to the approval of the city manager. (Prior code § 15.16.090)

15.16.050 Time limits.

In granting a house mover’s permit, a time limit shall be fixed within which the moving and reconstruction operations shall be completed. (Prior code § 15.16.110)

15.16.060 Relocation permit—Required.

No house mover’s permit shall be issued until the building inspector has first issued to the owner of the building or premises to which the building is to be moved a permit to relocate the particular building upon the premises. Such a permit shall be referred to as a relocation permit. (Prior code § 15.16.140)

15.16.070 Outside-city moves—Permit requirements.

In the event that any building or structure is to be moved from the city to a location outside the city, it is not necessary to obtain a relocation permit for such move. It shall, however, be necessary to obtain a house mover’s permit, the same to be issued under the same terms and provisions as are specified in this chapter. (Prior code § 15.16.200)

15.16.080 Interference with utilities prohibited.

No house mover shall interfere in any manner whatsoever with any properties or service of any public utility. (Prior code § 15.16.220)

15.16.090 Utility company notification.

Upon the issuance of the house mover’s permit provided for in Section 15.16.010 of this chapter, the building inspector shall notify all public utilities affected by such issuance and instruct any of such utilities to temporarily rearrange any of their properties and services so as to permit the passage of any building in accordance with the permit. Such notification shall specify the time when and the route over which such moving operation shall be made. (Prior code § 15.16.230)

15.16.100 Compliance by utility company required.

No public utility shall fail, neglect or refuse to comply with the notice by the building inspector ordering temporary rearrangement of utilities and services. (Prior code § 15.16.240)

15.16.110 Responsibility for costs of relocating utilities.

The cost of making any temporary rearrangement of public utilities as required by Section 15.16.100 of this chapter, shall be paid by the house mover. (Prior code § 15.16.250)

15.16.120 Inspection of vehicles and equipment.

The city manager shall have the right to inspect all rollers, trucks, wheels, dollies, tractors and other equipment and apparatus proposed to be used in the moving operation. The city manager shall be the sole judge as to the adequacy and suitability of the equipment and apparatus and may require any substitution thereof as in his judgment may seem necessary or proper. (Prior code § 15.16.260)

15.16.130 Lights on building during move.

No person moving any building pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall fail, neglect or refuse to keep a red light burning at all times between the hours of sunset and sunrise at each corner of such building and at the end of any projection thereon, while the same or any part thereof is located in or upon any street or alley. (Prior code § 15.16.270)

15.16.140 Repair of streets—Responsibility.

In case of damage to any street by reason of any moving operations pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, the city shall do such work as may be necessary to restore the street to as good a condition as the same was in prior to such damage. (Prior code § 15.16.280)

15.16.150 Repair of streets—Cost recovery.

The expense of the street repairs required by Section 15.16.140 of this chapter shall be charged to and paid by the person to whom the house mover’s permit was issued. (Prior code § 15.16.290)