Chapter 9.12


9.12.010    Specific prohibitions.

9.12.010 Specific prohibitions.

No person shall do, cause or suffer or permit to be done on any premises owned, occupied or controlled by such person, any of the following acts:

A.    Repair any auto body or fender unless within a completely enclosed building and the noises from such repairs are reasonably confined to such building;

B.    Operate or use in connection with building operations between the hours of ten p.m. and seven a.m. any pile driver, steam shovel, pneumatic hammer, derrick, steam or electric hoist, power-driven saw or any other tool or apparatus the use of which is attended by loud or unusual noise, except by written permission of the building inspector, and then only in case of emergency;

C.    Keep or maintain any animal, crowing rooster or fowl which by any sound or cry annoys or disturbs persons owning, using or occupying property in the neighborhood;

D.    Test run trucks or other similar, heavy equipment, except for a reasonable warm-up period, between the hours of ten p.m. and seven a.m., unless such testing or running in is done within a building or specially designated structure, and the noise from such testing or running in is reasonably confined to such building or structure. (Ord. 758 § 1, 1979: prior code § 18.35: Ord. 281 § 2)